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The World's Greatest/63

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this is the end hold your breath and count to ten feel the earth move again feel my heart burst again for this is the end i've drowned and dreamt this moment so overdue i owe them swept away im stolen let the skyfall when it crumbles we will stand tall face it all together at sky fall


{Open to the two}

QUINT: The great thing about this is that no-one is here but us, Henry, so I can say all my political views.

HENRY: That sounds like some kind of metaphor to me.

QUINT: Well you do not have to worry. Quite frankly, I think David Cameron should be looking for BadDude Von Bustamove in Mexico.

HENRY: I agree. That is where we found other notorious criminals like Hitler, the Criminal Caterpillar, and Ross Kemp.

QUINT: In addition, we should pull our troops out of Scotland. This thousand year war will not end its self.

HENRY: On the contraré, Quint, I feel that as our supply of tropicana is running low, we really do need to take over.

QUINT: We were never going to win this war. Not unless we get the mighty armed forces of Denmark on our side.

HENRY: I think our boys back home can still win this.

QUINT: Perhaps.

{Short pause}

QUINT: Where do we live again?


Atuors Nose

Henry's gas tank did run out in this episode but he swapped to solar power an undisclosed amount of time ago