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Deshi, Deshi, ect


{Open to the two}

QUINT: So, regarding Elton John. What numpty's going out putting candles in the wind anyway? Candles should be used for two purposes: lighting in case of an electrical outrage, and to produce lovely scents, neither of which will be helped by the wind in the least, as the wind will simply blow the candle out, preventing it from fulfilling either of it's purposes.

HENRY: I think it's a metaphor, my fri-

QUINT: It's no metaphor! And you know I always win in these cases: have you metaphorgotten the metaphight we had?

HENRY: Uhh...

QUINT: A metaphor is when somebody compares one thing to another without using the words LIKE or AS! And the lyrics to that song CLEARLY STATE that she lived her life LIKE a candle in the wind, just like she's LIKE a bird and is going to fly away!

HENRY: Look, I'm sorry, just calm down-

QUINT: Okay sure.