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The World's Greatest/51

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how will i resolve this story arc??


{Open to the two}

QUINT: You know when people decide to mop up the grease from their breakfast with bread rolls?

HENRY: Yeah?

QUINT: That is actually THE most disgusting thing. Ever.

HENRY: See, I don't have that problem on account of never eating breakfast.

QUINT: That's not true. Admittedly, the only breakfast you eat is Froot Loops with barbecue sauce instead of milk. Which is arguably worse.

HENRY: Probably. I should really start watching my weight!

QUINT: Mm, me too. You know, GQ suggests that MANLY MEN like us should eat toast, jam, bits of broken glass and top it off with a banana for brekkie. Really helps!

HENRY: I'll be having to check that one out.

QUINT: We all do.