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Chiggedy Check


{Open to the two}

HENRY: You know, we've been travelling this sky for like, nine million minutes, or something, and we still haven't played Desert Island Discs.

QUINT: Alright, let's do it.

HENRY: Okay, what songs?

QUINT: As it stands, I can only think of one, but it's so amazing I would be able to listen to it forever.

HENRY: And what would that be?

QUINT: It'd be the theme tune to hit British television game show Catchphrase.

HENRY: An excellent choice. So what of your luxury item?

QUINT: A bean bag chair.

HENRY: Why so?

QUINT: Because I could bake the beans in it. Then eat them. I would never go hungry.

HENRY: That is an amazing plan.

QUINT: Finally, my book would have to be the excellent Richard Cohen classic, Alfie's home.

HENRY: That was brilliant. Thank you, Quint.

QUINT: You are very, very welcome.