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Wow, man


{Open to the two}

QUINT: Hey, Henry, I've been meaning to ask you, where do you get your fuel?

HENRY: Fuel?

QUINT: Yeah, shouldn't you have run out by now?

HENRY: Oh, no, my tank never runs out.

QUINT: Really? I usually have to go once an hour.

HENRY: Eh, I guess my tank is just bigger than some other people's.

QUINT: It's funny because it sounds like we're talking about piss.

{Short pause}

QUINT: But yeah, props on the gas tank though.

HENRY: Still, chances are I'll probably run out about episode...sixty three?

QUINT: Well, that'll be fun to find out.

{That announcer dude does some more voicing over}

ANNOUNCER: Will Henry's gas tank ever run out? Will the authour keep continuity? Will Quint ever stop koala-ing? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON-