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The World's Greatest/28

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Henry strikes it B-I-G.


{Open to the two}

QUINT: Hey, do you ever feel pangs of attraction to the lady?

HENRY: Uh, no, why?

QUINT: No reason. I don't either. Prrph, why would I? She's a cartoon!

HENRY: Hm, that is a curiously specific denial.

{Cut to a dark room. In the centre of the room, there is a desk. Sat at the desk, is Quint. He is staring at a computer monitor, his eyes widened and glazed over. Now, cut to behind Quint, where we can see he is watching the YMCA advert with the sound muted. The video plays to about half-way through, when suddenly Henry's voice is heard, along with the sound of a door opening.}


{Cut to the original shot. Henry is in the room, lit from behind by a brilliant white lite, seen coming out of a door.}

QUINT: Yeah?

HENRY: What were you were doing watching the video, which I could somehow tell that you watching even though the monitor was facing away from me and you had the sound off?

QUINT: I was just watching it because it was funny.

HENRY: Oh. Fair enough. I'll leave you too your business.

{Henry leaves the room, the door shutting behind him. Cut back to Quint looking at the screen. The video plays out and he laughs at the end, before shutting his PC off, yawning, and falling to sleep. Cut to Henry, without Quint. Henry comes out a door from the back of Henry.}

HENRY: Hey man.