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Will Wheaton just had some great huevos


{Open to the two}

HENRY: And, they gave me a Medium-deep pan margarita instead, and I was so angry, I was absoloutley livid, and so I called up the restraunt and I was like "hey, this isn't what I asked for", and so they gave me a coupon to some furniture store, and that just wasn't good enough, so I left.

QUINT: Yeah, their service can be a real pain at times.

HENRY: More than that I mean-

{A man made out of sweater-vests pops in}

SWEATER-VEST MAN: wudulududlu

{He leaves again. Two minutes silence follows}

HENRY: So, anyway, it's like, they can't get any orders right, and their food is good, but it's way too expensive, and it's just not worth it.

QUINT: Their waiters are really rude as well.

HENRY: Uh, don't get me started on the waiters!

QUINT: I won't.