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The Third Noelle

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{Cut to Garland (Gen 1 Noxigar) and Noelle on the couch. It looks as though he is trying to dye her hair blonde, but he missed some spots.}

NOELLE: I appreciate you helping me dye my hair from pink to blonde.

GARLAND: I don't see why you have to do it.

NOELLE: Because I'm tired of being compared to characters from hentai.

{Short pause.}

GARLAND: Understandable.

{Garland takes out a mirror.}

GARLAND: Let's have a look!

{Garland gives the mirror to Noelle. She uses it to see how the hair looks, and smiles.}

NOELLE: Wow! It... it... somehow doesn't look horrible!

GARLAND: Come on, be brutal.

{Noelle frowns.}

NOELLE: I'm not going to undermine the effort you put into helping me already. I know dying hair isn't really your thing.

GARLAND: There are days where I deadass wish I could dye my hair green, or blonde.

NOELLE: Wait, have you seriously considered-

GARLAND: Cosplaying as either myself or as Namine from Kingdom Hearts, as a last-ditch effort to be un-exiled from the Kingdom Hearts fandom, because I don't expect Kairi to be playable in-

{Noelle lifts her arms up in resignation.}

NOELLE: Okay, okay. I get it, I think Lex gets it, I... don't know who wouldn't at this point.

{Another short pause.}

NOELLE: Let's go get coffee before I have to do secretary work again.

{Garland nods. Cut to the both of them having vanilla lattes at a Starbuck's.}

GARLAND: Don't you have a Battel to be going to?

NOELLE: We stopped doing those years ago.

{Short pause.}


{And that's all he had to say, was "Oh."}

NOELLE: Have you considered writing a romcom?

GARLAND: A bajillion times.

NOELLE: Let me guess, still ironing out your people skills deficiencies?

GARLAND: No, I just haven't found a romcom I unironically liked.

NOELLE: How about that one anime, The Asterisk War?

GARLAND: It's a bad adaptation and I want to read the original light novel because-

NOELLE: Don't need to explain the whole thing, fam.

GARLAND: So do you want to be in Wikihood? Sephiroth and Remolaychips are setting up auditions, and-


{Noelle smiles widely, her eyes glowing pink.}

NOELLE: I haven't gotten to do anything fun since the Battel Dome closed.

{Garland pats Noelle on the back.}

GARLAND: There, there. I just need to get past this massive fucking burnout I've had since early 2016-

NOELLE: Hurry the fuck up.

{Short pause. Noelle closes her eyes and sighs.}

NOELLE: Sorry, I just get sad about being neglected.

GARLAND: I had this same talk with Edgymancer, too.

{Noelle's eyes stop glowing.}

NOELLE: Put me in, coach.

{Noelle hugs Garland.}

NOELLE: Just put me in.