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The Second Noelle

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{Cut to Eozerus jumping into Noelle's office from a window.}

NOELLE: Is now a good time to-

{Another window crash, this time more thunderous, appears in the room next to Noelle's. The sound of roaring can be heard.}

EOZERUS: I was told you needed help, so I flew from Budapest to come aid you.

{The screen zooms out to reveal Eozerus shedding black wings. The screen then zooms out to reveal Eozerus' mentor, Thragg, in the next room serving coffee to Noelle's coworkers while flexing giant troll muscles.}

NOELLE: What did you want to aid me with?

EOZERUS: Intelligence, mostly.

NOELLE: Intelligence on...?

EOZERUS: Alternate energy sources. I haven't spotted enough windmills on my way from Hungary.

NOELLE: Is... is that all?

{The sound of fine china breaking can be heard in the next room.}

EOZERUS: Afraid not. Seems as though someone tried draining a swamp and failed horribly. I can't be arsed to remember most of the details, thought you might have a refresher given your company was apparently in charge of that.

{The screams of Noelle's co-workers become louder, enough to alarm her. Eozerus doesn't flinch, instead maintaining a macabre smile.}

EOZERUS: Beory was nice enough to grant me a recipe on tacos. I'm trying to find enough magic to cure sickness in the souls of some acquaintances from another world. Hopefully, the windmills will help with that.

NOELLE: They... might?

{The screams eventually die out, although now the sound of a vaccuum cleaner takes their place.}

EOZERUS: I don't see why they wouldn't.

NOELLE: Are you just here because you thought tacos were magic on Earth?

EOZERUS: That's... part of it. Alas, I'm not as well-informed of Earth. I hear its Nooyawk is quite pleasant, though.

NOELLE: That's "New York."

EOZERUS: You're not kidding?

NOELLE: No. You don't have an East Coast USA accent, so I can assume you'll need enough benefit of the doubt.

{The vaccuum sounds escalate in intensity.}

EOZERUS: Do you know where the resident passport agency office might be?

NOELLE: It's not far from here. You're going to want to take the subway to get there, though.

{Eozerus nods.}

EOZERUS: Thank you, Miss Andromeda-Gojo.

{Eozerus shapeshifts into raven form, and flies out the window from where she came. Suddenly, the door to Noelle's office breaks as Thragg comes in wielding a chainsaw-grafted-onto-a-vaccuum.}


{Thragg throws a chainsaw out Noelle's office window, then also shapeshifts into raven form and flies out the same office window.}


{Short pause.}

NOELLE: I believe I need to speak with my boss.