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The Raikhroncicles

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Rain pattered down upon the Wiki User Wiki. It was the morning, but the sun was not showing its face. It was one of those mornings... when nobody wanted to get up. Not because of lazy purposes, say, not wanting to do anything or being too tired... they were doing it to avoid something. What was this? Well, to put it simply... drama.

They year? 2008. Badstar's feet touched the ground, step after step. It was rather sunny, the bright sun shining down upon everything. A smile was spread across the young man's face. He enjoyed the world in which he lived. The ground of which he stepped. He walked on and on admiring everything in site... that is until... a fight started to break out not very far away from where he was. Badstar's sense of help sprung in as he rushed to the scene. There, he saw two people, he... well... didn't much care for. Raiku... and Strong Intelligent. He just looked, unaware of where to step in. Strong Intelligent looked fairly upset, while Raiku was quite angry.

"Listen! Just... stop saying you're autistic! I don't act like you one bit! I have none of the traits you have! Just get it through your head!" Strong Intelligent yelled, too angry to notice nobody but the victim of his anger.

"I am autisitc!" Raiku cried. A weak defense... that wasn't exactly Raiku's forte.

Badstar stood there, unsure of what to do. He glanced at Strong Intelligent, a strong fire in his eyes. Badstar was about to speak, making his presence know. But then... a strong, firm voice pierced through the argument.

"Alright, enough. Strong Intelligent, leave and don't go into this conversation anymore. Raiku, just stay clear of him." The voice said in a firm direct manner. This voice's owner... was Nachoman.