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The Homestrong Who Stole Halloween

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Part One

{Open to Badstar's Mansion. Orange, black, and purple lights cover the roof while other festive decorations are scattered about the front yard. Badstar walks out, dressed in his costume and smiling}

BADSTAR: Ah, All Hallow's Eve... eve. What a great day! That crisp autumn smell is in the air, the costumes are ready, nothing can go wro-

HOMESTRONG: {Offscreen} Hold it right there, brother!

BADSTAR: Nevermind.

HOMESTRONG: {Walks onscreen in his costume} Do you honestly think I'd let you just go about with your usual Halloweeny buisness without your daily evil scheme. Seriously, don't you have your calendar marked? I sent you the memo that every thursdays, fridays, and saturdays are your official days of which I make your life miserable.

BADSTAR: Yeah, memo, right.

HOMESTRONG: ...Don't do that. Don't do that thing were you act like you kinda know what I'm talking about.

BADSTAR: How bout you do that thing where you kinda don't steal a Family Guy joke?

HOMESTRONG: Touche... anyway! Tommorow is Halloween as you must know, and you shall recieve your biggest punishment yet! Bwuhahaha... BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As for today... er... I just sent you, like, 10 most annoying sites in the world! YOU'LL BE CLICKING FOR WEEKS! BWUHAHAHAHAHA! {Throws a small ball on to the ground, and vanishes into a cloud of smoke. Camera pans back a few feet to show him standing only a few inches from his original standing point.} ... {Runs off}