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The Gamers Association

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Behold! A club with Wiki Users dedicated to making Gaming projects of any kind! RPG, Fighting, Action, Shooter, Racing, anything!

We are discussing about making Group Projects. Please help us reach our decision.

There are just a few things you need to do.

Sign Ups

You need:

  • Any form program that makes games
  • To begin work on a game with it

To sign up, use this format!


[[/<YOURNAME>|<YOURNAME>]]-<Version of Gamemaker>

Then, on your subpage, put:

  • Your Username
  • Game Projects you're worknig on(Do [[/<PROJECT>|PROJECT]] And on that page, list things specific to the game's style.)
  • If you have more than 1 program, you MUST divide it into multiple sections for each of the games.


The Table Order of the Circle-shaped badge

To get into this super secret club, with it's perks, you need to:

  • Compete in the Group Project
  • Complete 1 Project that wasn't already started before you joined

But you get perks, like a badge...shaped like a circle...


Game Projects

There are two teams of three people each. One team with RPG Maker 2000, and the other with Game Maker 7. You are assigned to make a game in 6 months time, after both of the teams fill up. In those six months, you will think about the game, brainstorm it, and make it. Chaosvii7 and TheStick are judges. The team with the best game, as decided by the judges, is the winner. You can only sign up on one team, and you can only sign up if you have the program.

To sign up, simply replace a Blank with your username under the team of your choosing.


Team Game Maker 7's Headquarters

Team RPG Maker 2000's Headquarters

Due Date

This project is due on November 19, 2008.