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Welcome to the Wiki, Mr. Biggie Smalls! Now, please get out

Welcome to the Wiki User Wiki, Mr. Biggie Smalls!
You can't look around! General's orders.

What you may need

To completely ruin your writing skills, head to the Sandbox! But beware, there's a hidden dungeon in there.
The are fun activities you can do here like spam, or troll.
Hey, FYI, you can't edit your page so it can't be better than mine. You also can not have a signiture. That is also against the code, so it can't be better than mine.
Need help resisting the urge to make one? Too bad. You can just go and have an egg sandwich made with an english muffin. We want to know EXACTLY where you live. Please, post it on your userpage. That is the only thing you may put on your userpage.
Please, don't put your location on your User Talk. You must post it on your USERPAGE in plain sight. Give the second one a try! And please make Bad Words. You won't get blocked, ya know. - -pmelondemon43y 01:24, 7 November 2009 (UTC)