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Tahu's Adventures in Poopland

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Okay. This is a game I'm actually gonna finish! There won't be any sign-ups for this one, though.


Tahu falls into a portal presumably planted by Chollf and finds himself in Poopland. Captain Falcon, after a dodged punch, gives Tahu the "One Tool" and a map. Tahu now has to find his way back!

The "One Tool"?

This weapon has several different "Modes", each with different powers and styles. The confirmed "Modes" are:

  • Sword Mode - Works like a Keyblade. The only mode you have to begin with.
  • Gun Mode - Fire it at opponents! But you have to reload afterward. Obtained by beating King Harkinan.
  • Machine Gun Mode - Same as Gun, but weaker and no reloading.
  • Guitar Mode - Read the page!
  • Request more on talk page!


There is only one right now. Request, but only CH will be included in Version 1.

Mount Harkinan

This level is filled with Mah Bois, robot Links with machine guns! Climb to the top to reach Harkinan himself!

Boss: King Harkinan

King Harkinan spits blobs of wine at you! He will always take a sip of his goblet beforehand, however. After 3 hits, you defeat him and get the Gun Mode.


Now, every game has collectible bonuses, and this one is no different! Some of them are:

  • Pieces of Mario's Head - Collect all 5 to obtain a DDR-like minigame in which you sing along with Mario!
  • CDs - Play these songs on the built-in Walkman and have them replace the BGM!
  • I can't think of any more, so request away!