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Robbie's Answering Machine

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Just post some messages to me. Rules


  • Shortened intro, rules are updated to make more sense and put in this thing.
  • Rules made
  • Put in link on my account profile and HRFWiki list-to-put-things-back-in-HRFWiki.
  • This machine was created.

Lowest is oldest and top is newest.



ROBBIE: Hi, this is Robbie. I just joined Lex's empire. Feel free to leave me a message. {beeps}

Message 1

REMOLAY: Hey Robbie, it's Remolay. You remember when by brother went over to your place to show you my swords? He kinda did that without my knowledge, left them there, and I need them back.

REMADIN: I said I was sorry!

REMOLAY: Yeah, and I said shut up. Listen, If you could either come by our apartment and bring them back or give me a good time to swing on by and pick them up, that would be great. I could even give you a demonstration on how I use them

REMADIN: You better not be...

REMOLAY: I'm not going to use it on anyone! Seriously Robbie, If I could get those back soon I just might spare my brother.


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