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This is fake fo' yo' info'.

It is a famous ROM hack of Homechat Gamer RPG that got it's way into a game. It became famous because the many differences in the game.


  • Lemon - You play as him.
  • Bell - If you run into him, he gives you important items.
  • Raiku - If you run into him, he gives you a hint on the boss battle.
  • Ryan Bluefox - If you run into him you play a minigame.
  • NachoMan - If you run into him you solve a riddle about cheese.



Level 1: House of Lemon

  1. Tap the A key to wake up. When you wake up, there are crumbs leading under the bed. It appears to be muffin crumbs.
  2. Walk down to your basement and go on Liame's computer.
  3. Lemon Juice Achievement 1: Liame will come in and push you off. This contributes to your "Lemon Juice" achievement (10 points)
  4. The doorbell will ring when you are pushed off. Go upstairs and answer it. It will be Bell.
  5. Talk to Bell and he give you a penguin. (20 points)
  6. Lemon Juice Achievement 2: Go back to your room and use the penguin on the rock collection. It will throw it at you and contribute to your "Lemon Juice" achievement. Looks like you're not supposed to use it on that. (5 points)
  7. Collectible Flags 1: While you're in Lemon's room, go to the window and open it to find a "Wiki Userville Flag" to add to your collectibles. (10 points)
  8. Go back to the basement and take the ornament that fell off while taking down the Christmas tree. (5 points)
  9. Unlockable Radio Songs 1: Click on the radio. Walking on Sunshine will play ONLY if you do all of the above. (10 points)
  10. Go where bell used to be. Lots of ants have crawled in as Bell had not shut the door. Examine the ants and they will turn huge.
  11. Boss 1: Poke one with the ornament. It will shrink. Do this with all ten ants.
  12. Boss 1: When all are poked, put the penguin in the center of all the ants. It turns out they are allergic to it. You win! (20 points)

After level one, you should have 80 points, two contributes to the Lemon Juice achievement, one collectible flag, and one unlockable radio song.


  • NachoMan Riddle: What cheese is French for "Big booty"? Answer: None (find him drawn on a piece of paper in the Kitchen. Examine him and he comes alive.)
  • Ryan Bluefox Minigame: Pitfall. A remake of the classic Atari 2600 game. (Find him stuck under the basement's computer desk.)
  • Raiku Hint: Penguins are always the answer when you have Christmas spirit. (Find him under the bed with a muffin)

Level 2: Bell's House

  1. Looks like you've defeated the ants with a penguin, but the ants still had revenge of smashing you in the nuts. After Bell saw this, he took you to his home. Now, tap the A key to wake up.
  2. Collectible Flags 2: There's a junk pile to the side of the sofa you're on. Click on it to dig up a collector's flag of "Wikipediland"! (5 points)
  3. Examine it again to find an Electric-in-a-Jar!
  4. Lemon Juice achievement 3: Use the Electric-in-a-Jar on yourself. Looks like you might not wanna shock yourself. (10 points)
  5. Dig in the pile again to find a key!
  6. Use the key on the door
  7. Walk into Bell's living room and talk to Bell. He will give you a pie pan, a few strawberries, and an apple.
  8. Secret costume 1: Go into Bell's kitchen and take his oven mitts.
  9. Secret costume 2: Also, take his apron
  10. Secret costume 3: Along with his chef hat. (20 points)
  11. Put on the costumes.
  12. Put the pie pan on the oven.
  13. Put in the strawberries, apple, and key.
  14. Turn on the oven. It breaks before you can cook it.
  15. Use the Electric-in-a-Jar on the oven to get the heat
  16. Cook the pie (40 points in all)
  17. Take out the pie. It has mutated into Omega Pie!
  18. Boss 2: The pie will go around taking parts for upgrades. He takes the microwave and makes it a jet pack upgrade. He's too high to reach now.
  19. Boss 2: Go to the living room and take Bell's rope. It'll catch up and take the sofa and carve it into a sword! Quickly, take the rope and tie it to the jets. It'll fall down and a key will come out of the microwave. Take it.
  20. Boss 2: Take the key and unlock the bathroom. Go in it and it'll take the toilet as a water blaster. Bell's house will flood and the pie will die out from being too soggy. You win! (50 points)
  21. Secret Radio songs 2: Before you walk out the door to go to the next level, find the radio and turn it on. Jesus of Suburbia will play and you will unlock a secret radio song.

After Level 2, you should have 200 points, three secret costumes, 3 contributes to the Lemon Juice Achievement, two secret flags, and two secret radio songs.


  • Raiku Hint: Hey, you want some pie? If you do, make it soggy. (Found if examining the pile a third time.
  • Ryan Minigame: Pile Diving, where you jump into the pile and grab money Atari 2600 style! (Found by examining the pile a forth time)
  • Nachoman Riddle: What cheese do you put on pies? Answer: None (Found by examining the pile a fifth time)

Level 3: Lemon's House (Part two)

  1. After you have killed "Omegapie", walk outside of Bell's house. (5 points)
  2. Secret radio song 3: Before walking out to your house, during the walking cutscene tap "A" to stop the cutscene. You'll find out you're still outside. Walk over to Bell's neighbor's house. Open the package to find a radio. Turn it on to find out We are the Champions is playing.
  3. Now, stop that annoying radio and go across the street to your house.
  4. Oh god. Looks like Omega Pie had babies, judging on the mess in here. Anyways, you'll find a gun. Pick it up and equip yourself. (10 points)
  5. Grab the grenade on the floor and equip yourself.
  6. Shoot at the nearest wall
  7. Go inside the hole you made. You'll find Liame hiding from the Pie babies.
  8. Talk to Liame. He'll tell you that the Pie babies destroyed his computer. Take him out of the wall and he'll join your party. (10 points)
  9. Go into the basement to find the pie babies.
  10. Use your gun to shoot Liame because he's useless. (5 points)
  11. Boss: Use your gun on all pie babies until there's one.
  12. Boss: Switch weapons to the grenade and plant it on the last pie. You win! (50 points)

Level 4: The Beach

Level 5: Clamburger's House

Final Level: Attack of the Super Sam