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Pirates & Ninjas

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pirateninja script load 100% start in 3 2 1

Hello. Please state name.


Please state name.


Hello, RAIKU. What do you prefer best, pirate or ninja?


RAIKU, your title will be NINJA. Ready to play game? y/n

>Game Info

Game idea by Richard Brooks, 1995. You are a NINJA in training. Your SENSEI will wake you up, knocked out. You will be told PIRATES plan to take over the world and it is up to you to stop them. Play game? y/n


Play game? y/n

>give me a very good reason why and i may consider it

Because the game is a very cool game where you battle PIRATES. Play game? y/n

>Pirate Game Info

error: Just play the damn game. Launching game in 5 4 3 2 1


You wake up, all you remember is that hangover last night. You open your eyes to see your SENSEI.

SENSEI** RAIKU. The PIRATES plan to take over the world. I see a ship set coarse to the DOJO. It is up to you to stop them.

SENSEI ERIC hands you BLACK BELT + NINJA OUTFIT + KATANA + NINJA STAR. Let's put these in the inventory for now.

>Hack System

You walk over to NEARBY COMPUTER, turn it on, and hack into it. Not so fun, but you do find some dust by the computer. You're allergic to it. Poor you. You don't have a duster.

>quit game

Okay, little miss sunshine.

attempting quit

load load load


I wrote a song. Wanna hear it? y/n

>n, you suck

Not as much as you suck, RAIKU!

>quit game

You press exit. You are on DESKTOP on your computer.