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Pie Universe

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Wow. This is complete crap. Enjoy this stupid thing I made when i was ten. -Mtp

In a distant galaxy, pie is the Holy One. You go see this pie universe, land on a planet, looking alot like Earth, and enter a building. The mayor expects you, holding a box of pizza pie, and a map. I KNOW THIS PART IS BORING, IT JUST GIVES YOU A TASTE OF THIS GAME.

Welcome to Pie Universe! You're just in time for some pizza pie!

MAYOR: Welcome to Pi, a planet in the pie universe! You're just in time for some pizza pie! Let me show you a map. Click on where you want to go, please! Right now, pi is very barren, but if you make our planet a bit better, you can go to Crust, another planet, and on, and on.

Map of Pie

North Pi


South Coming Soon!

South Pi


P - Pie Store M - Pi Lab 1 - Tree = - Grass