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Obligatory Product Placement Episode

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Noxigar Bellucci sits on a desk. He sighs, but continues, "Hi, I'm Noxigar Bellucci. I go by 'Shinigami' according to my most darling gorgon friend ever, Oceanna Nomura. Why I'm known as Shinigami, you may ask?"

Several bags of Kettle Foods Potato Chips fall down from the ceiling, hitting Noxigar in the head. He picks up one, clearly hungry, and opens it. He takes out a single Maple Bacon-flavoured potato chip.

"It's because I'll take a potato chip..."

A close up view of Noxigar's mouth zooms in as he places the potato chip closer and closer, until half of the chip is in his mouth. His teeth crunch on the chip audibly.

"...and eat it!"

A zoom out reveals that Noxigar is just casually eating the potato chips. He looks to be enjoying the flavour of potato chips.

"Mmm, this sure beats the fuck out of Denny's. Wanna know what else beats the fuck out of Denny's?" Noxigar directs his face to the camera. Another zoom out reveals he is sitting at a table at the International House of Pancakes, "IHOP."

Noxigar then is served some BLTs, and some Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

"Mm, these Chocolate Chip Pancakes sure punch my depression in the dick!" Nox then moans whilst eating his food, and the camera switches over to the waitresses at IHOP who are equal parts giggling at Noxigar and wondering why he even comes here. Then, time skips and his egregious 50% tip for the awesome meal basically makes them less displeased with his presence. It's also shown through the numerous receipts that he specifically ordered the same thing numerous times. He heads out, and the scene transitions to an airport.

"Wow, I sure as fuck want to get on an airplane to visit Oceanna Nomura all the way in Morioh, Japan. It sucks that she can't come to the United States for some reason. Wanna know what airline I'd recommend? Jet Blue!"

Airport security then is shown to have a hard time with Noxigar. He takes off his shirt to reveal the gold battery which replaces his heart, and puts his shirt back on once several hours transition.

"Airlines aren't always reliable, but Jet Blue allows my head to not hurt and I don't have to worry about my peanut allergy being factored into the experience!"

The camera is chainsawed in half to show a comparison of what it'd be like for Noxigar if he travelled on Southwest Airlines, and what would happen if he travelled on Jet Blue. Southwest Noxigar is nearly dead because the simple smell of peanuts causes his body to warm up and require him to use an inhaler, while Jet Blue has him getting chocolate chip cookies and being relatively unscathed.

"Now that I'm in Morioh, Japan, I'm going to go to a freestyle restaurant owned by some bloke named Trussardi. I am recommended to eat the Pearl Jam, or whatever."

Noxigar then is shown in the restaurant eating food. Some of the pasta dishes are not well-received by him, but he eats literally everything else that is offered to him. Even artichokes, although he artichoked on one at a point until he was given Pearl Jam and some wine.

"Bitchin' is the word I'd used to describe this shit."

Time transitions, until Noxigar is back in the States.

"Now that Oceanna and I bonded over Nylarthotep saving my life by ensuring that an enormous evil which confiscated my heart didn't succeed in outright killing me, the Speedwagon Foundation has given my credit card from Capital One a simple question, "What's in your wallet?""

Magically, several billion boxes of Wing Street Chicken Wings and Pizza Hut surround Noxigar as he begins wolfing down chicken and pizza ravenously.

"Well, in my wallet is some fantastic Wing Street and Pizza Hut. I'm now thirsty."

Noxigar then magically makes several large bottles of Pepsi show up.

"Ah, Pepsi. My non-gorgon, non-robot best friend."

Noxigar then begins drinking Pepsi, and the camera zooms out to reveal his studio is now a mess of pizza, chicken, Pepsi, Kettle Foods potato chips, Jet Blue souvenirs, and other merchandise acquisitioned throughout his travels.