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O Mai, Achievement Get

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All you do is get achievements. Simple?

The Places

You can go to any one of these places any time.

  • The House
  • The Garden Maze
  • The Disco
  • The Bomb Workshop
  • The Field

What are achievements?

Not to be confused with real Achievements, achievements are something programed to be secret. You find them in cool places. If you find all, you win the game. To find achievements, use your brain to figure it out. Some achievements are hidden red toolboxes. Others are gained from actions.


The House

  • Energy? Bah! - Shoot out all lightbulbs.
  • Psycho - Find the toolbox in the shower.
  • Bombz! - Take out all bombs in the bathtub and give to the bomb factory.
  • Garden Gnome? - Move all of the beds in the house out to find all of the garden gnomes under them.
  • Make-a-Masterpiece - Shoot the computer inside the office to turn it on to find Paint open.
  • More later.