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Irrational Researchings/Sephiroth

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{Start Codec.}

SNAKE.PNG "Otacon, do you read me? Otacon?"

Otacon.png "I read you loud and clear, Snake. What do you need to know?"

SNAKE.PNG "I need you to crack into the Irrational Researchings database and deliver me info on one particular person."

Otacon.png "Sure thing. What's his name?"

SNAKE.PNG "Well he goes around calling himself Lex, but I think he might be put into the database under.. Sephiroth."

Otacon.png "Ah, just like the Final Fantasy villain?"

SNAKE.PNG "I don't play video games."

Otacon.png "Oh, right. Anyway, I managed to get the file on him."

SNAKE.PNG "Good. What does it say?"

Otacon.png "Well, it says that he's a 15 year old male, currently living in London. Been a member of the HRFWiki since 2005, and despite join dates, he is 'usually considered a third generation member.' I have no idea what that means, Snake."

SNAKE.PNG "Oh, no need to find out for me, I already know."

Otacon.png "It also says that he was born on New Years Eve. Heh, that's interesting. If Mei Ling were here, she'd probably give us a proverb about it by now."

SNAKE.PNG "Well, thanks for the info, Otacon."

Otacon.png "No problem, Snake. Remember, if you need any more help. I'm right here."


{End Codec}