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Guilty until proven innocent

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Guilty until proven innocent

It was a nice, bright Saturday. The world of Homestar Runner was at it's usual happy pace. Down at the HRFWiki, in a convenience store, Homestar Dash Tiger was getting a few groceries. The storekeeper was loading his foodstuffs into a paper bag.

"Eggs, butter, Gorgonzola, meat filled marshmallows, Melonade, meat filled marshmallows, cocoa, cheese, Gorgonzola, Gorgonzola, meat filled marshmallows, meat filled marshmallows, ect, ect, waffles, pineapple. There ya go." The storekeeper listed as he put the groceries in the bag.

"Thanks." Homestar tiger said. He laid some money on the counter.

"You know, there's a user around here that's allergic to pineapples." The storekeeper informed Homestar tiger.

"He better not be near me when I'm with him." Homestar tiger said.

"He can only hope." The storekeeper finished. He handed Homestar tiger his bag and change.

Homestar tiger walked out of the store. When he left, another user named Strong Dennis walked in. He was pretty new, and he had very few people knew him. And he wasn't liked. He hadn't even read the Fanstuff Guidelines yet.

More later