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Forsythe And Friends

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Welcome! Here is where Forsythe and Friends will be!

Name: Forsythe T. Wolf
Age: 17
Species: Grey wolf.
Height: Normal wolf height.
Weight: Normal wolf weight.
Build: Regular wolf build.
Hair/Head Fur Colour: Grey.
Powers: None.
Weapons: His claws.
Type: Speed.
Element: Dark.
Alignment: Good.
History: None.
Appearance: Feral grey wolf with a blue bandana.

Name: Jake Tallion
Age: Unknown
Species: Human/Robot Hedgehog mix.
Height: 7'0
Weight: Unknown
Build: Looks quite scrawny with his shirt on, but when he's shirtless... let's just say he makes the fangirls squeal in delight
Hair/Head Fur Colour: Black
Powers: None as of yet.
Weapons: None
Type: Power
Element: Neutral
Alignment: Good
History: All we know is that he was born in a test tube, so he isn't natural.
Appearance: Average looking person with robot eyes.

More coming soon!


Episodes in progress, currently.