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Damn Fourth Noelle

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A conversation I considered for Garion!Wikihood.


{Cut to Stephanie and Noelle outside of a cafe. In Noelle's hands is a latte, and one of her eyes has heavy black rings around it.}



{Short pause.}

NOELLE: Having trouble finding a job you're not laughably overqualified for, still?

{Stephanie slowly nods.}


{Noelle sips the latte.}

NOELLE: It's a good thing I waited a good ten minutes so this latte wouldn't scald my tongue.

STEPHANIE: Yeesh. Is it just an impulse to drink those as soon as they reach your hands?

NOELLE: I guess so.

{Noelle continues sipping the latte.}

NOELLE: This is good. You're missing out, Stephiroth.

STEPHANIE: The only reason I'm not having one right now is mostly because I have to get to an interview.

{Noelle blinks.}

NOELLE: How... much time do you have?

STEPHANIE: An hour...

{Stephanie takes out a watch that was on her right wrist.}

STEPHANIE: ...give or take about five minutes.

NOELLE: That's plenty of time to talk about Battels and-

{Stephanie's eyes widen, her face growing pale.}

STEPHANIE: You... got back into Battels? I thought they were discontinued.

{Noelle points to her black eye.}

NOELLE: Hey, I won First Place in a Tournament yesterday.

STEPHANIE: Is that why you called in sick from secretarial work and then asked if I wanted to grab a latte with you?

NOELLE: No, I actually haven't been feeling well outside of Battels. My cough's gone, thanks to the latte. Head still hurts, though.

STEPHANIE: Noelle, that's your tenth latte this luncheon!

NOELLE: My personal record is fifteen.

{Stephanie looks flummoxed.}


NOELLE: Yikes?

STEPHANIE: I'm legit worried you might be after the wrong things in life.

NOELLE: I'm good, I'm good. I had to get my hair dyed blonde because I kept being compared to-

STEPHANIE: I got the memo from seeing you post your hair colour change photos online. Good jorb, by the way.

NOELLE: Thanks!

STEPHANIE: I liked your pink hair, but I guess having streaks of pink whilst being blonde is a little better.

NOELLE: Better in what way?

STEPHANIE: Just means you might be able to match more outfits, or something.

NOELLE: Says Ms. "I Wear A Business Suit Everywhere."

{Stephanie giggles.}

STEPHANIE: Alright, alright. Now, I'm in the mood for a latte.

{Stephanie goes up to get a latte. End.}