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The Community Story

  • Gather all around for the story of near endless proportions.
  • Anyone can add to the story as long as it is sane and sticks with the plot.

The First Story

Everybody loves The JCM. He is a terrific Homestarian. One day The JCM clicked on a strange link. Then the HRFWiki exploded. The JCM was then banned forever from the internet for doing such horrible thing. While the Fanstuff Wiki went on a ridiculously long purge, everyone started the Wiki User Wiki. They started a strongest man in the world contest, and The JCM entered, along with Conchris, Raiku, Ninja Pom Pom, Strong Rad, and The Strong Intelligent. The rules were as follows: "people named jcm always lose"

the end

Okay just kidding. Actually, the rules were, whoever could lift the heaviest object wins. Unfortunately, there was no heavy object. All there was, was an olive. So, they used that. Strong Rad went to pick up the olive and it grew! No one could believe it! Meanwhile someplace in Mississippi it rained. But anyway back to the story. Conchris couldn't hold up. Ninja Pom Pom either. The Exact Same pulled the plug on Raiku who powered down. "Did no one see that?" asked The JCM.

"No," shouted The Strong Intelligent, "Nobody likes you. Go away."

As Strong Intelligent said this, JCM was crushed by the olive. He was never found. At his funeral, everyone mourned his loss, and nobody liked the fact that he started trying to parody a book and not start with something original. At the reception, there was cake.

Later that night, SI went home for a cold one and some good night's sleep. As he slipped into his frilly, hot pink, leopard-print onesie, and sat down in his Lay-Z-Boi delicately sipping his alcohol, JCM's ghost appeared before him, or so he thought. Nevertheless, SI jumped up and sprinted for the door, dropping his beer.

"Strong Intelligent," Said the ever-quavering ghost of JCM, "It is I, your old business partner, Jacob C. Marley."

"I wonder if anybody realizes that Chaos is being hippocritical at this second..." said SI, staring straight into your soul.

"SILENCE! You are being cursed to the same fate as I." Said the ghost of Bluey.

"You mean I'm going to be a ghost?"


Everything flashes, and SI appears on a street corner in New York.

"Oh, and the cake was a lie," spoke Ghostjicem. And as he finished his sentence, he faded.

"Wait! I never got to tell you something!" said SI. But it was too late, as he had left.

"I love you." he softly whispered. As soon as he said that, a large crowd of uptight businessmen trample him, and when he arises, his onesie turns into a suave black suit.

As SI attempts to follow the cxrowd of businessnen, he makes it to a small house painted red. He knocks on the door and straightens his bowtie. The door opens, and an old lady appears.

"Oh hello", said the old lady, "Have you come for a cup of tea?"

"...Sure, why not?" answered Weak Stupid.

He entered the house, and atop the vestibule, were gourds painted as the lesser-like Homestar Runner characters.

"They weren't lying when they said that." Remarked SI under his breath.

"Heh, need some help with thouse gourds?", a Nobody uttered as he arrived.

"No, not much." answered a Powerwild. "They belong to the doorman."

ghostbry shows up with some poppers and a bottle of md20/20

The Nobody takes the md20/20 and consumes it along with the poppers.

"YEAH SON," said Ghostbry in his most Lil' Wayne-like moment, "GET SOME"

then everybody totally got some and

The Second Story

Once upon a time there was a princess. She grew old and died. Now go to bed and if you snore or cry, I'll hit you more.

Okay, I'll give you a real story. Since you know I'm not really going to hit you at all. There was a plumber and a princess who hooked down instead of up.