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Badstar Strunner: Ace Attorney.

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Follow the adventures of rookie attorney, Badstar Strunner as he solves tons of puzzling cases!

How it works

Kay, so this is how it goes down. This will be in Slider and Fib like format. Observe.

JUDGE: Mr Strunner! Please show us the evidence that proves the witness stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

>Present: Cookie Jar


There will also be moments when you have to move from place to place. The places you can go will be listed.

BADSTAR: I should get to the detention center to get more info on this case!

>Move: Detention Center

During investigation, you will have to look at things. This is how you do it.

BADSTAR: Well, here I am. I should probably look for evidence.

>Examine: Gun

There will also be ocassion when you have to talk to people.

BADSTAR: {Thinking: Maybe he knows about the murder!}

>Talk: Suspect

When you choose to talk, you will be given a series of things you can talk about. For example...

What Happened

The Location

The Time

Then you type something like;

>Talk>Suspect: The time

Sometimes while talking, new categories will appear.

Now lets talk about court sessions. These are the most important. The witness will make a testimony. The testimony will be devided in parts in cross examination. For example...

Part One

WITNESS: I was taking a walk in the park, when I saw something very shocking! I saw a man kill somebody!

Part Two

WITNESS: He killed him with a gun. I think he fired two times. After that, the person collapsed to the ground!

Part Three

WITNESS: I chased after him, but it was no use. The man got away. I went back to the crime scene. I pulled out my cell phone and called the police.

Now lets move on to pressing. This is how you do it.

>Press: Part One.

BADSTAR: HOLD IT! What time was it?

And you may already know this, but lets move on to objectioning. To object, you have to present the thing that contradicts the testimony. If you present the wrong thing, the evidence will be denied.

>Present: Autopsy report.


WITTNES: Correct, sir. Is there a problem.

BADSTAR: Why... yes! According to the autopsy report... THE VICTIM WAS SHOT ONCE!

And finally, you will have to chose between a series of things in court.

JUDGE: Please, Mr Strunner... show us what is wrong with the scene of the crime!

The Place

The Time

>The time

And that is all for now.

NEVERMIND. Here is one last thing. The Percieve System. When somebody lies, an aura appears around them in Badstar's point of view. When this happens, you have to check parts of the person's body to search for the habit.

>Examine: Left arm


That will happen when you look at the wrong place.

>Examine: Eyes


Percieve Completed!

Okay, thats all for reals this time.


Okay, so after thinking about it for a while, I have decided... that there will be a penalty bar.


That, to be precise. Anyway, when a part is italicized...


It represents the size of the penalty. To lose some of the penalty bar, you have to make wrong choices. When the penalty bar is gone, then that means your client gets convicted. But don't worry. If that happens, time will rewind... but you'll only have this much left.


This is a reason why you should make sure not to screw up.

The cases

Now, this section will contain Volumes. Each volume contains a 10 cases. There will be 5 volumes. When 50 cases are reached, this will end and a sequel will begin.

Volume One: A Series Of Unfourtanate Turnabouts.

Description: Badstar deals with a series of puzzling cases as he tries to save his clients!

Volume Two: Channeling The Turnabout

Description: Badstar and Husk travel to an old temple made for spirit mediums in training. There, Badstar doubts the power of spirit channeling. But a series of cases may change his mind...

Volume Three: Badstar Strunner Investigations

Description: We take our attention away from our two heroes and see what Stan is up to in his life has a detective in england. Use logic to solve the cases and catch the criminal.