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"Whatever, just shut up."
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5. It's been a week or so - 01-09-09

Hello, viewers. Sorry I haven't posted in what seemed like ages. Well, we had a day off Wednesday. Yes, M.U. gets days off. It doesn't matter, since we live on campus, but classes were all cancelled so that we could mingle. Not much to do since I have very little friends. Feh, doesn't matter. I've got to be the top dog in the world, just as my father said, to be tougher than anyone else.

Speaking of which, my father wasn't the greatest guy... Back then, I was the weakest link, trying to fit in, but I never did. My father never respected me, and my mother...

My mother died when I was very young. I never had the love of a mother to help balance me out. I was always sad, I never smiled or laughed or anything. I never knew happiness. I know, I sound REALLY emo now, but that's just what my life was like. I eventually ran away from my father because I thought he was such an ass. "Go on, leave," he said, "You're dead to me anyway."

I spent today getting my mind straight and setting my goals. I don't want to turn up a heartless ass like my father. Trust me, others would hate my dad more than me.
That's it...I've decided.

I'm going to find that Eva girl, and I'm going to make friends with her, maybe even...ask her out.

Mood: AustinSad.PNG screw you, dad
Tunes: Your Guts (I Hate Them) - Reel Big Fish

4. The Last Two Days - 12-30-08

Whoop dee do. It's New Years. The time where everyone goes friggin' crazy over "ZOMG IT'S GOING TO BE A DIFFERENT YEAR!" Well, that's just how holidays are. I'm really damn tired now. I don't know why, it's just I feel like I need a nap. However, I can't get a nap, because everyone in the house is going crazy preparing for New Years Eve. I guess I'll try to stay awake. I'm actually starting to like this Cobra Starship album, and usually I don't like anyone's gifts.

I've had this on my mind, but that girl...the principal's daughter...


Mood: AustinSad.PNG unsure
Tunes: Guilty Pleasures - Cobra Starship

3. WTFs and Wows of the City - 12-26-08

So...I did get more Christmas gifts. This time, I cracked open my new copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk. It's not that different from Wild World, in fact, it kinda still reminds me of it. Anyway, this is actually a pretty decent game. The City feature is pretty sweet. I noticed you don't have to wait for Redd, Katrina, Dr. Shrunk and the like anymore. You can just go to them. Anyway, I checked out some of the new places, like GracieGrace for example. HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD. Everything there is OVERPRICED. I could've gotten a mask for like, 120 back in Wild World, but here it costs like 4,800! I'm not going to pay that much for some goddamn mask! Anyway, I decided to swing over to Hariet in the city and get my character's hair restyled. I must say, I completely nailed the look. My character looks sweet with white spiked hair. And when I first came in and met the people, I decided that Nintendo must've copied my own personality into the toughy guy-type villagers. Wolfgang said two things I would: 1. "Sneaking up behind me is asking for a world of hurt." and 2. "Sleeping. Wake at own risk."

Ryan, I'll kill you if you let him move.

Mood: AustinNeutral.PNG content
Tunes: Impulse - An Endless Sporadic

2. You Sayin' I'm Fat? - 12-25-08

Ryan got me Wii Fit for Christmas. Yay. Anyway, pretty much what the game is is you do stuff on a balance board and supposedly you lose weight. I thought it might be fun, so I tried it. After registering my monstrosity of a Mii (goddamn Miis don't have the right head shape and tone) into the game, I went to get my first rating and registered my data about age, weight and height. Height, 6'3. Weight, 210 lbs. Birthday: 4/14/87. So...I wait for the results.

My jaw hit the floor.

The game told me I was fat. That extra weight only comes from my jacked muscular upper body.

Rule 2 of Fight Club: Don't call me fat.

Mood: AustinAngry.PNGPissed
Tunes: I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

1. Merry Effin' Christmas - 12-25-08

Well, it's that time of year. Again. The time when people go insane and crowd stores just to get other people things. I think it's kind of pointless; cuz you can just go buy them yourself. And then there's the Christmas carolers...urgh. I'm tempted to hit them, but for some reason I don't. Ryan tells me I'm feeling the Christmas spirit, and I just told him, "Whatever." Anyway, I got some pretty interesting gifts. Aruseus got me, of all things, a washcloth. He says he gave it to me to wipe the gore off of my club. I shrugged. Anyhoo, I got a Cobra Starship album from Pter, and the first three Saw movies from Fang. Tom walked in while I was watching one, and he nearly crapped himself. I almost laughed, but...I never laugh. Feh, it's nothing.

Well, I must say, I got some pretty sucky gifts, and some good ones. But hey, I don't really like the holidays.

Mood: AustinUnimpressed.PNG Unimpressed
Tunes: The City Is At War - Cobra Starship

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