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Adventures in The Woo

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In a land far from here, there once was a town known simply as "Harfweeky." It was a glorious town, and the townspeople were constantly happy and bright. That was, until one day.

A dark cloud hung over the town, frightening the townspeople. One by one, more and more horrible creatures fell from the cloud, poisoning it with their horrible ways and nonsense. The battle for peace raged on for years, when finally, the leaders settled on an plan.

The townspeople fled from their homes and closed off there once glorious town, hoping to one day return again. A new town was found and soon became the new temporary home of the people, until such a day that they could resume their old lives once more. This land, was known as "The Woo."

Decades later, it was nearly time to return home. The people had waited long enough, and their old home was near completion. But something was terribly wrong. A new dark cloud hung silently over The Woo. The citizens feared that again, horrible creatures would fall from it and again corrupt their home of Harfweeky. Something had to be done.

A small group of heroes set out to destroy the cloud, and bring final peace to their world. They were small and sheepish, and still the only hope left for survival.

This is their story...
Join Denzel, Bry, Nacho and others as they fight their way through the forces of evil and save The Woo and most importantly, Harfweeky.
More soon!