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ALXXMaXX's 3D Requests

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ATTENTION: The program I'm using to model these models has been discontinued, and I need an update to draw things on the models (instead of using pre-existing stamps), so that update is unavailable SO NOW I need to find a new program to use. Does anyone know any good, preferably freeware programs for 3D modeling or at least painting and decorating 3D models? If so, please put them in the discussion section of this page.

Does anyone remember that 3D Pter I made for Ryan B. some time ago? Well, I'm getting back into the 3D Modeling thingy. If you have a request, put it under this line and I will do my best to make it.

NOTE: I can save my creation as an image or a VRML object. Just letting you know in case you want a VRML object, it's totally possible.

Put requests below this line: