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A Few of the Gang look for Edgeworthington to continue the court case, while Enigma, Eggman Nega, Super Sam, and Edgeworthington are in an Unknown Location. Also, a series of retcons ruins Badstar's funeral.

Plot Summary

  1. The case is delayed.
  2. Badstar and Shadow both confront the antagonists first.
  3. Minor characters enter a mansion owned by Edgeworthington.
  4. Chaos plans to conspire against the other Wikihood members via defeating Vindicator and anyone else powerful.

New Characters

  • Godmodder
  • Luigi
  • Chaos
  • Hades
  • South Park Satan
  • Bonus Stage Satan
  • Noxigar (Axel form)
  • Imposter Badstar
  • Insane Prophet
  • Omegaroth
  • GLaDOS
  • Facehugger Aliens
  • Predator
  • John Lennon
  • Chaomorph (Xenomorph/Chaos Hybrid.)


{Cut to Shadow walking away like he did last episode. Badstar runs up to him.}

BADSTAR: We can't give up, Shadow! We have to find The Enigma and defeat him or else Wikihood will suffer!

SHADOW: Yeah, and Super Sam will be more notorious than the previous 4 times he obliterated Wikihood!

SEPHIROTH: But what about Edgeworthington? I suppose we split up to find him! I'll with Silver, The Other Sephiroth, and Daxter.

SEPHIROTH FF7: Hmph. You're lucky. I don't usually help people. Especially, foolish mortals like you people! But, this Edgeworthington Man intrests me.

DAXTER: Are we sure we can trust you?

SEPHIROTH FF7: Yes, but don't keep your guard down too quickly....

ZNEX: Now, who wants me to tell everyone my plan?


BADSTAR: You do that, Znex. Me and Shadow will try and find The Enigma and Super Sam.

{Badstar runs off, following Shadow.}

ZNEX: Alright, here's what I suggest. First, we need a kiwi fruit!

DAXTER: A kiwi fruit?!

ZNEX: Aye, a kiwi fruit!

SEPHIROTH FF7: You are speaking Nonsense, Mortal.

ZNEX: Nonsense? Surely not.

{Short pause.}

ZNEX: I need that kiwi fruit...

{Long silence.}

ZNEX: Fine, I'll get it. {walks off}


{Znex comes back holding a kiwi fruit.}

ZNEX: Alright, here's my plan, first, we find Super Sam, while carrying the kiwi fruit. Next, we wait until he starts talking, and then we fling the kiwi fruit in his mouth! Not only will he choke on it, but combined with the natural rivalry between most Australians and most New Zealanders, it'll create a volatile poison that will kill him instantly! How about it? Huh, huh?

SEPHIROTH FF7: Yes. It is a foolish plan, and it will get you nowhere. Come on, we're leaving. {FF7 Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Daxter, and Silver Leave.}

ZNEX: Hmph, I'll show you. I'LL SHOW YOU ALL!!! {runs off}

{Cut to The Enigma and Super Sam. They are on a mountain top.}

SUPER SAM: I have the sudden feeling something unexpected is gonna happen.

{Shadow and Badstar's hands appear at the cliff edge. Shadow and Badstar back-flip on to the top, but Super Sam banhammers both to a moving platform going to a warp room. Cut to Noxigar in the Wikihood house, noticing that it is empty.}

NOXIGAR: What happened?

{Noxigar notices a DVD lying on the ground mentioning "a prophecy" of a dark evil. He places it in the DVD player and watches. A hooded cultist is seen.}

CULTIST: The Dark Tyrant has returned! He will make us superior to all of those humans. We need to release him from his imprisonment and rule the world! It is told by our 2,000 year old mural that a man with a "banhammer" releases him. May we give him many a food and drink!

{The other Dark Tyrant Cultists give out a "Horrah!" and are seen drinking some sort of strange drink.}

CULTIST: We must make sure the Dark Tyrant is in good hands, or this world will be destroyed. You, whomever is watching it, can help us!

{The DVD ends.}

NOXIGAR: How particularly interesting.

{"OOC: Dark Tyrant is Enigma, right?"}

{Cut back to Super Sam and The Enigma.}

SUPER SAM: I can't beleive they thought they could defeat us!


{Super Sam and The Enigma turn around. Shadow throws all the chaos emeralds into the air. Shadow transforms into Super Shadow. Badstar transforms into Super Badstar. Super Badstar's head, gloves, and legs, are all dark blue. His star shirt is black.}

SUPER SAM: {All the chaos emeralds land in his hands. He turns into Super Super Sam. The emeralds scatter. Pulls our banhammer. Super Badstar rams him, and the hammer flies off the cliff top and lands on a ledge.} ENIGMA!!! You fight Super Shadow! I'll take care of Super Badstar!

{"OOC: Nobody cut back till' I end this fight. I have a very good idea."}

{A Man in a white robe appears.}

GODMODDER: SUPER SAM! ENIGMA! I AM HERE TO AID YOU! I AM THE GODMODDER! FIRST, I WILL ELIMINATE THESE LOWER LIFEFORMS! HADOKEN! {He proceeds to do a Hadoken blast, although, it is as thin as a rope. It only Scratches Badstar Minorly.} DARN! Then I will do, the KAME HAME HA! {He Does the Kame Hame Ha, only for a flurry of Basket Balls to come out.} NO!! THE BARRIER!! IT IS PREVENTING ME TO DO MY ULTRA COOL ATTACKS!! Well, I still have this ability! {Summons a Bunny Rabbit.}

SUPER SAM: A Mere Rabbit?

GODMODDER: Look closer. {The Rabbit turns demon like, and proceeds to attack Badastar.} See, Medium Strength Attacks still work!

{Cut to Noxigar, where a bank vault in his room is open.}

NOXIGAR: Whoever decided to steal those Chaos Emeralds is very foolish. If they turn into a plot device, Vindicator will desire their destruction. I have to save the Chaos Emeralds before the world goes mad!

{Noxigar heads towards the same mountain that Super Shadow, Super Badstar The Godmodder, The Enigma, and Super Super Sam are on.}

NOXIGAR: Hand back the Chaos Emeralds now! If you don't this world will go mad from disaster! I have to hide them in a bank vault with ALOT of air conditioning to keep them in the vault. Who took them?

{OOC:... Why did you take the Chaos Emeralds outta the bank vault in Noxigar's room?}


{Badstar kills The Bunny. All of a sudden, Super Badstar turns back into Badstar and falls off the mountain.}

BADSTAR: {As he falls.} THIS REMINDS OF SONIC ADVENTURE TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... {Falls to the ground and dies. A bunch of rocks fall on him.}

GODMODDER: Ha! With my Killer Rabbit, He has stalled, and his effect timed out on him, and since he was floating in the air, he fell to his demise. Hahaha!

{Cut to Where Sephiroth, Sephiroth FF7, Silver, and Daxter are. They are at a Mansion called 'EDGEWORTHINGTON'S MANSION.'}

DAXTER: Eek! That is Spooky! WHERE ARE YOU JAK!!!

SILVER: Who's Jak?

DAXTER: I cant' believe you don't know who Jak is.

SILVER: I've heard of one in the obituaries. I hail from the future.

{Door creaks open and an Italian plumber in a green suit runs out.}

LUIGI: Eep, it's-a really creepy-a in-a there-a!

{Luigi Runs, But FF7 Sephiroth Jumps and blocks his way. He then draws out his sword and puts it to his neck.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Who are you?...Wait.... Luigi?

LUIGI: That's Mama Luigi to you scary man!

SEPHIROTH: Boy! IT sure is boring around here!

{King of Cosmos just appears.}

KOAC: My Boy! This peace is what true warriors strive for!.... I wonder whats for dinner?

SEPHIROTH: Wow! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock!

{Weebl and Bob Flie in on a magic carpet}



WEEBL: Fine then. Let's go guys. {Weebl, Bob, and the King all leave.}

LUIGI: I Hope she made lotsa spag-.. {Gets slapped by Daxter.} No!

SEPHIROTH FF7: Let's go in already!

{Everyone goes in}

SILVER: Please tell me what in the world YouTube Poop is, as I do not know.

DAXTER: It's just when random stuff gets combined. A nerd's excuse for web-alchemy. Let's do something relevant, like look for clues.



DAXTER: Wii Lol.

SEPHIROTH FF7: Final Fantasy VII Lol.

SEPHIROTH: Okay, now we've gotten that cleared, let's look for cloos!!

CHAOS: Not so fast.

{Chaos appears from a black portal.}

CHAOS: I can't let you go any further.

LUIGI: {Picks up a black envelope off of the ground.} What's this? {Opens envelope.} It's an invitaition to Badstar's funeral.

CHAOS: That's only one of the reasons I'm here. To take your friend's soul back to the underworld.

SILVER: Wait, what?

CHAOS: You heard me. My father wants that Badstar person so he can confine him to the underworld. But, I have plenty more intentions than just that. It seems that an anonymous person also wants you all to be...put out of the way, because he doesn't want you to kill him.

LUIGI: Ummm... okay. TO THE FUNERAL!!!

{Cut to Badstar's funereal. All wikihood characters are there, plus some unknown people. A priest walks next to Badstar's grave.}

PRIEST: We are all here today, because of the loss of Badstar. He shall not be forgotten. Shadow would like to come up and say some words.

{The priest walks to the side. Shadow enters. He opens his mouth to speak when Vindicator pushes him aside.}


{Vindicator throws a cake onto Badstar's grave. A giant robotic mechanism appears on the top of the screen.}

GLaDOS: The cake was nice and moist!

{GLaDOS implodes, taking her and the priest out.}

GROUNDER: {Crying} Wah! Why did Badstar Have to Die!!

{Robotnik Slaps Him.}

ROBOTNIK: Shut up you Dimwit! You don't even know him!

ERIC CARTMAN: {Sleeping. Kyle Punches Him.}

KYLE: Hey Fatso! Wake up!

ERIC: DON'T CALL ME FAT YOU-... {Gets Stopped by Kenny.}

KENNY: {Muffled} Shut up Cartman! {A Spear attacks him, but he dodges, and it hits Grounder. Scratch takes the Spear off.}



{Everyone in the area sits down.}

CARTMAN: Hmph... Fine. {Loud Cough} CHAOSISALOSER!

CHAOS: If you all fell so sad for what's about to happen, blame cartman.

{Chaos goes up to Badstar's coffin and pulls a long chain out of his chest and opens a black portal to the underworld.}

CHAOS: Here's one less thing to do! {throws Badstar into portal, and the portal closes the instant Badstar is entirely through.}

CARTMAN: Why are you guys looking like me like this?

{Everyone starts piling up on Cartman, and beating him up.}




{5 Minutes Later. Everyone is sitting down again. Cartman is there, looking all Bruised, Scraped, and Cut, and has a Black Eye.}

CARTMAN: {To Chaos} Why did you have to do that!? Do you get thrill from that?!

CHAOS: When you boil my temper, I don't hold back.


{Cut to Badstar's body in the underworld. Badstar's gost comes out of it.}

BADSTAR: {Muttering, while walking away.} Stupid son of death... dragging me to hell...

{Hades From Hercules, and Satan From South Park Block his Way.}

HADES: Hey, Hey, Hey! Come on now! You are dead now! You are in the underworld! You can't just go wherever you want!

SATAN: Oh Come on Hades! He's not doing any bad!

HADES: Grr!! We had to Fuse Hell, and the Underground together, just so I can make you do your job right! I am the Boss Here!

SATAN: Fine Then!

HADES: Now, Badstar, we'll have to see your records on what sins you have done to get here. {Gets Book.}

HADES: Wait a Minute! You shouldn't be here! You're not evil enough! The Book Says so! However, in the records, it says "DO NOT LET OUT OF THE UNDERGROUND." Weird... Well, Make yourself at home until we can sort this!

{Cut to Badstar walking.}

BADSTAR: I can't beleive this... i'm actually dead. I can't even remember how I died...

{Cut to the funeral session. Shadow is doing his speech, but he is in a depressing mood.}

SHADOW: I didn't even get to know more about Badstar. Why does this remind me of when Maria was killed? WHY?! {Shadow bursts into tears}

{Noxigar stands up from his seat and pats Shadow on the back serenely.}

NOXIGAR: There, there, Shadow. It's okay. At least She's in Heaven, which has been previously retconned into The Underworld by the writers for no apparent reason.

{Shadow is still sobbing. Noxigar gets some tissues. Shadow blows on them.}

NOXIGAR: Do I sense an odd looping cycle?

{A Chime Sound is Heard. Hades and Satan Appear in Holo-Form.}

HADES: Hello Mortals! I am Hades, and this is Satan. {Satan Waves.} Well, Anyway.. We just came here to tell you guys a few things.

1: Badstar is Safe with us, and is not getting Tortured.

2: Shadow, I could get you to talk with Maria if you like. She's in Heaven Right now. She's doing fine.

SATAN: I'll pass her on to you.

{Another Thing appears, but instead of a hologram, it's a Large Communication Portal. Maria is there, along with some of her friends: Cosmo, Aeris, some other people are there, including Znex, for some reason.}

MARIA: Hello Shadow. Long Time No See.

{Hades smacks South Park Satan in the face. The Bonus Stage version appears.}

BS SATAN: You're not doing a good job at being evil.

HADES: We retconned, remember?

{Hades disables the Large Communication Portal, disappointing Shadow.}

HADES: Hate to tick you off, Shadow, but we did a retcon behind your back.

SP SATAN: Well, Badstar's still intact, if that helps.

HADES: Anyways, we'll trigger that portal intermittently. So we do not cause issues in terms of plotholes. We can even retcon ourselves we're so bad. {singing} Tell me once again, who's bad?

{Hades, SP Satan, and BS Satan warp away.}

SILVER: I totally predicted those retcons.

SHADOW: Well that was a terrible loophole of loopholes.

CHAOS: If you all are done, I have another job to uphold! {Launches red lightning at silver, who gets sent into shadow and hits the wall}

SEPHIROTH: What is it with you Chaos? You are a danger to everyone. Excuse me. {Puts on Jedi Knight Robe, and Gets Gold Lightsaber. He then uses the force to heal Shadow and Silver.}

CHAOS: It's only the fact that I am part demon. It is nothing else.

SEPHIROTH: Yeah, But I am Part Jedi, and Part Sith. You don't see me force choke everyone I see.

CHAOS: But my heritage makes me deemed to take out killing requests. So I do. You all happened to be requested by somebody. But if I said who, then you'd have to all die faster. It's much better the first way.

SEPHIROTH: Wait... Everyone here? {Goes in Offensive Stance. Draws Lightsaber.} Not on my Watch!

CHAOS: Just try.

{Robot Armour Forms around Sephiroth. Rocket Launchers Form on his shoulders.}

SEPHIROTH: Meet Omegaroth!!

SEPHIROTH FF7: Now I can use my real name. Finally.

OMEGAROTH: You will leave now, or be destroyed. I too know the arts of Black Magic.

{A proppellor hat flies in from behind really fast and hits Chaos's head, which sends him flying. The screen then freezes as the propellor hat is about to hit Chaos' face again. Disc-scratching can be heard.}

NOXIGAR: What does this have to do with a crazy person telling of an armageddon by a dark evil?! NOTHING!

{Screen unfreezes. Chaos gets hit repeatedly by the propellor hat while Noxigar transforms into Axel, using two red chakrams.}

NOXIAXEL: Ah, so I see you guys like to rumble. But get a load of this! {A huge fiery wall surrounds Omegaroth, and another wall surrounds Chaos.} That's the Noxifirewall! Got it memorized?

{Shadow heads up to Noxigar}

SHADOW: Just what are you?

NOXIAXEL: A premium one-of-a-kind Organization XIII member.

SHADOW: Alright, but can you not kill my human friends, Organization XIII man?

NOXIAXEL: They're not dead...yet... they're just trapped in different firewalls to stop the unneccessary and really crappy fighting sequences. They'll wear out eventually. Once this session is finished I'll activate the water alarm, making my hydrophobic firewalls shrivel. Please go on with your speech.

{Shadow stands back on the center, readying himself.}

SHADOW: I'm sure Badstar's been called a Strong Bad recolor, as I've been called a recolor of Sonic by my haters (even though it's truly the opposite, I was created 50 years before Sonic). Anyway, now that I'm done with my speech, what's next?

OMEGAROTH: STOP SQUABBLING. WE HAVE TO HOLD OFF THE ENEMY. {Points Cannons To Chaos. Chaos stands up again.}

{Chaos gets hit by the propellor hat one more time and gets uncouncious}

SHADOW: I wonder who threw that hat.

???????: That would be me!


{Badstar walks in}

BADSTAR: Yeah, thats me... Badstar... the real Badstar...

{Chaos walks out of his firewall, un-damaged by anything, and puts his hand into Badstar's chest.}

CHAOS: He's an imposter! And a very good shapeshifter, whoever he is. {pulls his hand out of Badstar}

SEPHIROTH: You still aim to kill us Chaos, so I shall finish you off. Die Demon Scum! {Count Down. Missiles Get ready to lauch.} 5...4....3....2....O-.. {Interruption.}

CHAOS: If that Badstar's fake, then he should be damnated. Because if not, he shall roam the earth in chains, olny able to die more and more after that imposters "Death."


{All of a sudden, time stops. The fake Badstar looks at Chaos and points his hand at him.}


{A green blast hits Chaos.}


{Time continues. All of a sudden Chaos looks confused.}

CHAOS: Why did I hit the floor? Anyways, I'm sorry imposter. You either need to shed your disguise, repent quickly, or you WILL be forced into the underworld. {Makes scythe appear}

{A prophet walks onscreen.}


{Time is frozen. Edgeworth appears in the foreground.}

EDGEWORTH: We'll just go back a few seconds, and pretend that never happened.

{The prophet walks onscreen again.}

INSANE PROPHET: The world's end is coming! Hell will break and evil will combat the holy forces, taking the world with iiiiiiiiiit!

{Vindicator walks onscreen and stabs the Prophet with his scythe.}

VINDICATOR: What a nut.

{Vindicator notices Chaos.}

VINDICATOR: Oh hey Chaos. How's your dad doing?

SEPHIROTH: ONE!! FIRE!!! {He launches the missiles. All the people sitting down get out of the building. A Big Blast is Heard, and the Church is a wreck. The Imposter Badstar is dead. Chaos, and Vindcicator are unscathed.} I AM THE ONSLAUGHT!!!! I AM ALL!!!

NOXIAXEL: Yet another retcon... am I supposed to be impressed?

{Cut back to the Underground.}

SP SATAN: Soon, we will rise!! HAHAHAHA!! ......How is that.

HADES: Good, but not very evil.

BS SATAN: It's funny. He got kicked outta Heaven, for being Oppressive and Evil, although, now he's down here, he's soft!

HADES: Why are we here? I mean... You know, we're from different universes.

SP SATAN: The Writers fused lots of Hells into 1. So, yeah.

{Ryuk from Death Note Passes.}

RYUK: Hello!


{Robot Devil Also Pops Up.}

ROBOT DEVIL: Hey! How are ya!?

HADES: Doing good!


HADES: Hey! We should check up on Badstar!

{Cut back to real world.}

CHAOS: Now that that little pesterence is gone, I have to fuffill my duty. {Scythe dissapears} So, who to kill first?

SEPHIROTH: Oh, Chaos! Don't act so hastily now.. How about a drink of water? {Offers Drink. He puts his other hand in his pocket.}

CHAOS: That's a nice idea, trying to harm me with a laced drink. Regardless, I'll kill you either way!

SEPHIROTH: Regardless. {Drops Cup.} I had something extra, just in case. ....In fact... I like this better. {Loads of Crab like Creatures crawl out of Sephiroth's Pocket. They are Pale, and they have long tails. They Start crawling over Chaos. One Jumps at his face, and grips it. The Tail Wraps around it's neck, and tightens. It then forms an Ultra Hard Armour.} Don't try to kill it, or remove it. As any attempts will spell your death.

{Cut to an overhead view. Somebody, with Heat sensing sight is watching Sephiroth and Chaos. It is recording Sephiroth's voice.}

SEPHIROTH: Now, let it do it's thing.

CHAOS: Wait! {breaks free of the crab...things... and sends red thunder through the ground, bringing the Heat-Seeking man into Sephiroth's view} He was about to do something to you...

{Cut back to the underworld. Badstar is talking to John Lennon.}

BADSTAR: Why are you here, John!!!???!!! You never did anything wrong!

JOHN LENNON: I commited lots of Sin. Drugs, and other stuff. Although George Harrison was worse, and he's in Heaven. The System here is messed up.

{Cut back to Sephiroth, Chaos, and the Heat seeking man. He comes out of the shadow, to reveal he is Predator.}

PREDATOR: .... {Proceeds to attack the Crab Creatures, Sephiroth, and Chaos. A Baby Xenomorph Bursts out of Chaos's Chest. The Wound heals.}

XENOMORPH: {Grows into a full grown Xenomorph. He Bares some resemblence to Chaos.} YES!! I AM ALL POWERFUL!!

SEPHIROTH: Xenomorph can't talk!

XENOMORPH: I CAN! DUE TO MY DEMON ORIGINS. Now, I will kill all of you, and reign supreme.

PREDITOR: Removes Mask to reveal mouth. It is 3 Pronged. {In Sephiroth's Voice} A 3 in one Kill? This will be fun.

CHAOS: Must have been something I ate. Anyways... {Jumps on to Xenomorph's back and punches downward, slicing him in half, However, it heals.}

XENOMORPH: Fool! I am you!

CHAOS: Actually, you're the last of my DNA that got shot into space 800 years ago when I fought the Goddess Ultima before a comet hit the world, but it took some of my skin off with it. So, you're a foreign knockoff. Do ya get it?

XENOMORPH: No, Actually, I was made from the Facehugger Crab that clung on to you. It planted my embryo into you, just before you ripped it off. I then burst out of your chest, having some of your DNA, due to you being my host. Us Aliens exhibit some of the powers and Appearences of the Host.

SEPHIROTH: You know what, I'm leaving to go back to my mission. {Sephiroth Leaves, along with his teammates.}


XENOMORPH: I will leave also. Farewell....{In Dutch Accent} FAJA!! {Leaves.}

PREDATOR: {Turns Invisible.}

{Chaos teleports in front of the Xenomorph.}

CHAOS: I have a job to do. As for you, you cannot walk among this realm, so I MUST kill you. Don't worry. {Pushes hand through the Xenomorph, making it explode and his inards dissolve} Our Hell is much nicer. {Teleports}

{The Remains of the Xenomorph are on the ground, it starts regenerating itself. It gets up.}

XENOMORPH: Nothing can kill me. BWAHAHAHA!!! {Teleports.}

{Cut back to the Underground.}

CHAOS: That foolish Xenomorph thought he lived. How idiotic. Little does he know he'll walk the earth a spirit forever. {Teleports in} Until then, the joys of killing others will have to suit me.

HADES: Chaos? I need to ask you sumthin'. Badstar here, was sent here, but has done nothing wrong.... But his file says "DO NOT LET OUT". Can you clear this up?

CHAOS: Truth is, he HAS done things that can get himself in here. The problem is, they aren't recorded as himself.

{Hades Turns Angry and Red.}


CHAOS: Surely you know of Ratsdab, Badstar's negative. They share the same dossier of villainous deeds, because they are the same person. These 2 are 1, and the ordinary things they do impact that folder in any and every way. So, technically, Badstar's negative is to blame, but he died with Badstar. Surely you see why they both died at the same time though, right?

{Cut to Noxiaxel in one of the funeral seats with a magic notebook, writing in it}

NOXIAXEL: There. I should thank Namine later for allowing me to use this ingenious book to write down the events that occured today. The only bit that wasn't in this book was the retcons of how Badstar died and why Badstar died, but those were merely accidental outtakes. Or so I believe...

{Cut to Sephiroth and his Party, before the Funeral.}

SEPHIROTH: Alright! Let's venture in!

{They go in the Mansion. Inside, It's nicely done, and it looks like an authentic Victorian Place.}

LUIGI: Hmmm, this don't seem too bad--

{A floating white sheet floats over to where Sephiroth and his party are, which causes Luigi to jump onto (INSERT NAME) in fright.}

LUIGI: Eep! A ghost!

FLOATING WHITE SHEET: {Znex's voice} Relax, it is only me.

{The sheet falls off to reveal Znex under it.}

SEPHIROTH FF7: Not you again! ....{Raises Sword.} GIVE ME A REASON WHY I SHOULD NOT KILL YOU!!

ZNEX: I am unarmed. Besides, I come from the future. Killing me now would mess up your future, and it'll bring about your deaths if you do not listen to me.

SEPHIROTH FF7: I am not of this world, so I'm not that bothered. Give me a better reason.

ZNEX: You'll die if you won't listen to me. And I have time travel abilities so you couldn't kill me even if you wanted to. Now will you listen?

SEPHIROTH FF7: Fine. {Lowers Sword.}

ZNEX: I have come to warn you about a great danger that confronts you all. Do not enter the door with the three red triangles upon it.

DAXTER: That one....Nah. {They all walk in.}

{Znex sighs as sounds of screaming and terror resound from the room.}

DIRECTOR: {offscreen} Cut!

{Beep. Cut back to when Sephiroth FF7 lowers his sword except there's a clapboard obstructing the view.}

CLAPPER LOADER: Wikihood Episode 4, the part with the warning in it. Take Two. {snaps clapperboard and moves it away so we can see properly now}


{Sephiroth FF7 lowers his sword.}

ZNEX: I have come to warn you about a great danger that confronts you all. Do not enter the door with the three red triangles upon it. Or you shall DIE.


{Singing is heard. Soon, a Hotdog, a Drink, and some fries are dancing in front.}'

SNACKS: Let's all go to the lobby,
Let's all go to the lobby,
Let's all go to the lobby,
To get ourselves a treat!


ZNEX: Oh yeah, almost forgot, but tell me about this after all this stuff is done, okay? I shall be seeing you!

{Znex fades out and disappears.}

{Chwoka wakes up, and looks all around him.}

CHWOKA: What the fu-{is cut short} Oh, wait a minute...where am I?

{Singing is heard. Soon, a Hotdog, a Drink, and some fries are dancing around Chwoka.}'

SNACKS: Let's all go to the lobby,
Let's all go to the lobby,
Let's all go to the lobby,
To get ourselves a treat!

{Soon, Smiley the Ball bounces over, and noticing that the snacks are singing, starts to sing with them.}

SNACKS AND SMILEY: Let's all go to the lobby,
Let's all go to the lobby,
Let's all go to the lobby,
To get ourselves a treat!
{Smiley sings in bounces all the way through}

LUIGI: The lobby, eh? Well, I hope they have lotsa spaghetti!

DAXTER: Oh, be quiet! Let's just go to whatever this lobby is!


SEPHIROTH: We can't go to the lobby. It's a place in the local cinema. These guys are from a 50's Cinema Commercial. Ahh! {Falls through a red portal in the floor. The Portal Disappears.}

CHAOS: He lucked out.

{Chaos appears from a portal.}

CHAOS: Now he lives, for a while longer.

LUIGI: Is it just me or can I hear water running up ahead?

{The others try to listen and hear a slight sound of trickling water.}

SEPHIROTH FF7: I believe it is coming from that door to the right.

DAXTER: Well, let's enter it, then!

{The group walk over to a door on the right and open it, revealing some sort of bathroom where Edgeworthington is about to enter a shower cubicle. Luckily he has a towel around his middle.}

EDGEWORTHINGTON: {twirls around at the sound of the door opening to meet the group coming in} Oh crap! And right when I was about to enter the shower, too!

{Cut to an island, where Sephiroth is.}

SEPHIROTH: Wait... This looks familiar... Kingdom Hearts 1? {He looks at himself to reveal he's wearing Sora's clothes.} Ahh! These aren't my clothes! {Kairi walks up to him.}

KAIRI: Come on you Lazy Bum! We have to finish that raft!

SEPHIROTH: Oh right, the raft. ....What raft?!

KAIRI: You know! Don't be silly! Riku is waiting for us! {Leaves.}

SEPHIROTH: Oh god. A Portal/Kingdom Hearts crossover?! This is gonna be weird. Well, I gotta work on a few things!

1. Try to get home,

2. Just play along, until I can meet someone who has the answer.

SEPHIROTH: Well, I gotta help them make the raft!

{Cuts to a jail like area in the underworld.}

CHAOS: Dang! They got away. Oh, well. I still have a hopelessly foolish sucker to torment in here.

{Chaos teleports in and heads over to the cell labeled "Prisoner #B-S12345".}

CHAOS: So, you want freedom, do you, Badstar?

HADES: I'm not sure if you should start torturing Badstar just yet, Chaos.

CHAOS: Oh, no, I'm VERY serious. I'm willing to Give BadStar a second chance. There's just something he must do first.

HADES: Oh, alright! I'm pretty sure that you know what you're doing, being the son of death and all. I actually remember when you were born! Your father held you in his arms, and I could see in your eyes, a flame, a flame that would continue burning, for a very long time!

CHAOS: Now, the one small thing Badstar needs to do is to "Eliminate" somebody. Someone...IMPORTANT. Someone...Like VINDICATOR!

{Dramatic music plays.}

CHAOS:He may know my father and all, but I couldn't fufill my obligation with Edgeworthington. His deal states that I must eliminate the group, and well, Vindicator is nearing his prime at 14 billion years old, don't you agree? If anything, we'd be helping him. If you do that, I'll remove your bond to here.

{Chaos snaps his fingers, and Badstar's cell is opened.}

CHAOS: Till then, I'll let you have some fun. You can roam the world as a ghost. Unable to speak up in the sight of your friends. Then, when I need to, I'll give you humanity and upon killing Vindicator, you can be free. But, if you refuse, {eyes turn entirely red} I know someone who'd enjoy some Badstar on a stick.

HADES: Is it the Sarlacc? Or the Rancor? Anyway, if you have to kill the group, let me help you! I can finish off Sephiroth, as I know what Universe he is in, and I am quite familiar there....

CHAOS: If you really want to be part of the action, you can do something for me can go drive away Noxigar by threatening his little girlfriend there. And, if you can, rid away those 3 other video game idiots that're with the team now.

HADES: Yes! I always wanted to go back to Evil! {Vanishes.}

{Cut back to Destiny Island. Sephiroth is in a cave with a Yellow door without a handel, and lots of cave drawings.}

SEPHIROTH: Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Gonna get some mushrooms! {He notices a drawing on the cave of Kairi, and Sora.} Hey! It's Kairi! And a Boy who seems similar! ....Teehee. {Gets out a Marker, and draws facial hair on both of them. A man in a black robe bursts in through the door.} Ahh! I didn't know it was your cave! I'm sorry! Don't hurt me!

ROBE GUY: Our Two Worlds are connected. {Dissapears.}

SEPHIROTH: Weird.... Does he know Chaos?... Oh wait.. No.. He's of this universe. {Spots Mushrooms.} Ahh! There's the mushrooms! {Takes.}

{Cut back to the Mansion, where Chaos has just teleported in front of Edgeworthington.}

CHAOS: So, this is where you've been hiding! Now, I'll give you one last chance to escape, then I WILL kill you fools. Regardless of affairs in your lives. Now, where to start?

SEPHIROTH FF7: All you! Go! I will take this son of death! {Everyone leaves, and he raises his Sword.} Finally, I can speak to you! I know your plot! You're dealing with this coward!

EDGEWORTHINGTON: Coward?! I'll have you shot for that!

SEPHIROTH FF7: Oh please! If I wanted, I could kill you with Ultimate Bloodlust. I have done it before, and I won't hesitate to do it again. In fact, I would love to do it again. You mortals pain satisfies me.

EDGEWORTHINGTON: {Shaking.} Liar!... You're...b..bluffing!

SEPHIROTH FF7: Wanna bet, weakling?



{Edgeworthington gets out a gun, and points it at Sephiroth. Sephiroth justs smirks, and knocks the gun out of his hand.}

SEPHIROTH FF7: How about, you help me instead, and I'll make it much more worthwile. This man is using you.

EDGEWORTHINGTON: Kill me! I don't care! I have allies at my disposal! Much Stronger ones! Even Prince Chaos can't stop them! Hahaha!!

{Chaos' eyes turn red and he walks forward to Sephiroth.}

CHAOS: I beg to differ that your "allies" really outdo me. Now, as for you, Sephiroth, You're all wrong. He isn't the one that wanted Wikihood dead. Super Sam is the one to blame. Now, you want a fight, do you? Bring it on!

SEPHIROTH FF7: That is a shame really. Even a great demon like you got your thoughts clouded by a mere mortal? I expected better. {Points Sword at Chaos.} You are a fool for siding with this Clown!

EDGEWORTHINGTON: Hahaha!! See! Chaos is with me!! Mortal or not, I am EXTREME!!!

{Chaos turns to Edgeworthington, but this time, there's a crack in his face, showing red skin cased by a black shell, still with red eyes.}


EDGEWORTHINGTON: FINE! I'll shut up..... {Thinking} Stupid Demon, thinking he's so hard.

SEPHIROTH FF7: Looks like you ain't so loyal eh Edgeworthington?

EDGEWORTHINGTON: You can read my thoughts!?

SEPHIROTH FF7: Childsplay. So? What is it?


{Fades out and ends.}