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Remolay's Lair: Give'm hell, Polecat!

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Remolay (talkcontribs) is a moderator.
And they say crime doesn't pay...

Hail storm!

Help with a Remolay related issue

Page 3

Crap I do

Stuntmail - Crap
The RemolayRemadin Projects - Less Crap
RiffText: Wiki Use Email Zoo977 - Even Less Crap
My name is used for a character, whose character is written much better than I could have ever done myself inWikihood
I also made a thing based off of a rather fun video game that I can no longer name because of bullshit spam filters. It never quite took off
Wikily World News - My own little Weekly World News. I don't know what I'm doing.

Remolay's Latest Vidya

Screw it, if you want to see my videos, subscribe. I know you wont, but I'm putting this here anyway.

Breaking news

Topless women on page 3! story continues on page 3/

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