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Airstriker is a vertical shooter with the aim of replicating arcade shooters from the 1980's. It was developed in BasiEgaXorz by Eric from Electrokinesis Studios.

Game mechanism

The game basis is very simple, with no plot or characters. You start with three lives, you move your ship left and right with the D-pad and shoot with the B button. You will face 2 enemies: An alien ship and a bomb. You can destroy a ship with one shot, but the bomb is indestructible. Both are fatal to you, and will kill you if you touch them. Enemies shoot after a certain time after spawned from the top of the screen, and their shot can kill you too.

There are only three levels in this game, which are only used in the Single Player and Cooperative modes. The Endurance and Coop Endurance modes use randomly-generated patterns. After beating each level, each player will gain one life and will be warped to the next level.

On the two-player modes, the second player will have a green ship, which stands next to its partner's, a silver one. Each player will lose a life when hit and, after all lives are gone for one of the players, the game will end.


Date Version Description
30/11/2008 v1.00 Initial release.
30/11/2008 v1.50 Bugfix on the endurance highscore counter.

Known bugs

  • Slowness due to heavy collision detection
  • Random sprites (such as enemies and shots) getting stuck
  • Music driver might crash some emulators (that's Shiru's fault)

Download link

Electrokinesis Studios' website