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== Rules ==
== Rules ==
# oh god we're actually doing this aren't we
# oh god we're actually doing this fuck yeah
# Don't be ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓.
# Don't be ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓.

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Wikihood is "Gay Kingdom Hearts DND, or Whatever It Is You Clowns Talk About," so sayeth Ben Schlanker (Inventor of Viagra).

Current Episode: The Current Episode is Takoya-Ki To Destiny.

NEWS AS OF NOW: Remolay, Lex, and Noxigar brought Wikihood back, and therefore are enemies of the state. Shoot on sight.



  1. oh god we're actually doing this fuck yeah
  2. Don't be ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓.


  • Nobody important


Volume 1 Second Draft

  1. Pilot Redux: The Saga Beginues
  2. Pilot Redux: Garfield Pilot
  3. Pilot Redux: Odd Job Drow
  4. Slimy Crappy People
  5. Tea & Crumpets Redux
  6. No Hall Like Town Hall

Volume 1 First Draft

  1. Pilot Redux — The saga beginues, with an introduction of the trio.
  2. Superior of the Inbetween — A shift in perspective, as we enter the life of a scientist vigilante with a bounty on his head.
  3. Odd Job Drow — A shift in perspective, as we enter the life of a distinctly unlucky Drow.
  4. Ready, Set, Go! — Chaos visits a ski shop, Leigh goes through his first day of work, and Garfield's time at NoxCorp is well-spent.
  5. No Hall Like Town Hall — A $20 utility bill becomes harder to pay for than expected.
  6. Tea & Crumpets Redux — The Xavier D'Arque Senate Campaign begins setting up its Fundraiser. At the same time, the protagonists enjoy themselves for a bit longer.
  7. Shiny Happy People — Chaos considers giving up crime and decides to go straight. Garfield and Tracy hang out at a cereal cafe. Leigh is initiated into helping the Fundraiser.
  8. Fundraiser Heist: Planning Stages — Before the Fundraiser truly begins, an assembly of people gathers to act against its hosts.
  9. Fundraiser Heist: 6 of Wands — The gang along with their allies, launch an attack on Xavier D'Arque's Fundraiser Ball.
  10. Give Leigh Twenty Dollars — As the smoke from the Heist begins to clear, certain things are discovered: Some celebrate, some lament, some begin their revenge, some try to make amends, and some people try to wife in the club.
  11. Wrong Turn At Nuke DLC — A shift in perspective, as we sort of enter the life of a pinkette who helps a cherished friend hunt for apartments, with more than meets the eye to her.
  12. ABBA Kadabra — After Chaos is kidnapped, Lex and Noelle team up to save him. Meanwhile, Garfield and Leigh sing their hearts out.
  13. Takoya-Ki To Destiny — "Make certain the box's contents match what's on the label."
  14. ?????
  15. Life is a Cabaret — Put down the knitting, the book and the broom, It's time for a holiday!

Special Episodes

Series Qu'ran

  • Archive — Where outdated writing goes to die, then be summarized to showcase what parts of it are still inspirational to us.
  • Characters — To remind us of how many parodies and shitty self-insertions there aren't. None.
  • Places — Where all two scenes of any given episode occur.
  • Soundtrack — Hot beats to cry alone to.

Wikihood Main Page Theme Song

The Struts - Could Have Been Me