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Hades is the Lord of the Underworld. Those who rule the afterlife, regardless of their true nature, are often demonized or otherwise given hasty generalizations because of the fact no one likes to die. The truth about Hades is...

Hades is different from his two brothers, Poseidon and Zeus. He takes a lot from his deceased father, Chronos, in that he is hyper-aware of the passage of time. Because he dislikes those who waste their lives in self-destructive behaviors, Hades has a tendency to save his money, and his reputation as a man of wealth is quite true. Hades only spends on things he needs, and keeps wealth in case of emergency. Many also harken him to be a dangerous, moody sort of fellow. He only reaches to the surface when he needs to assassinate mad-with-power necromancers, and keeps a close eye on anybody else who thinks they can handle the dead half as well as he. Outside of that, he's actually a very polite person to be around, which would be genuinely appreciated by many people if he were actually on Mt. Olympus.

There's also a rumour that Hades kidnapped Persephone, but this is "complete rubbish" according to a few devoted scholars. Hades and Persephone actually loved each other, but this was resultant of Eros' arrows being misfired. Because Demeter didn't approve of Hades, they eloped. The notion of a kidnapping was entirely made up by Hades, in order to save Demeter the constant harassment both Zeus and Hera would have given her for being seen as a bad parent, with Persephone's promise to her mum that she visits her during the spring and summertime, something Hades and Persephone came to an agreement on during the elopement process.