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Aphrodite is known in the Greek pantheon as the "goddess of beauty and lust." This is, for all intents and purposes, still true.

Aphrodite is unashamed about her constant sexual exploits. She is, in fact, someone who frowns upon the sex-shaming that most mortals seem to adhere to. She keeps a strict adherence to a code of ethics, which is what separates her from Zeus, Poseidon, and Artemis, equally promiscuous individuals. As an individual seen as most beautiful to many, she is often the one member of the Greek pantheon people seem to admire the most, much to her dismay.

While the Greeks like to make her out to be an impulsive, air-headed instigator, she is actually quite level-headed and is incisive about a number of topics altogether. For instance, she knows how to keep Ares in line when his anger proves too overwhelming for the remainder of the Olympians to deal with. She also knows as much about the fine makings of many arts and crafts as Hephaestus. Because she is chiefly opinionated on a number of different topics, she also likes to keep herself well-informed. Because of this desire to be well-informed, Aphrodite and Athena do not exactly get along. However, neither Aphrodite nor Athena care about the other enough to actually engage in heated arguments about esoteric things, because one thinks themself more clear-headed and calm than the other, and vice-versa.