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A list of plot points for Wikihood Volume 1, so that way we can perfect it and then Volume 2 can be good!

Well, this is something Lex / Briar / I conversed about recently.

I miiiiiiiight be going about this the wrong way. We'll see.

Plot Point 1: Introducing The "Main Characters" {Pilot Trio - Events Assumed To Happen At The Same Time, Across Three Different Episodes/Perspectives}

  • Introduce Felix "Chaos" Zabat {I would do this through showcasing Chaos going through a court trial, after being convicted of a casino robbery in San Cristobal}
  • Show Chaos in prison, about to be released after a presumed three-year time period.
  • Chaos calls his friend, Lex, notifying him he's about to be released from prison.
  • Lex picks Chaos up. They drive through Republic Island, with Lex mentioning where he now resides: Towningdale.
  • Lex's home is revealed to be an apartment upstairs from a pierogi bar. Chaos and Lex meet Volkov, essentially getting an early breakfast.
  • Garfield joins in on the breakfast for a brief moment, introducing himself. It's revealed he's been around alongside Lex and Volkov, for his own reasons.
  • Garfield has a NoxCorp job that takes him away from the scene, revealing his six-figure salary to Chaos amidst a conversation continuing primarily between him and Lex.
  • Lex helps Chaos get settled into the apartment; while it's not impressive by any means, the Anarchomancer feels he can make do with it on some level.
  • Lex explains what happened to the other participants of the Casino Heist - Toby got mauled by Dwarven Hellknights not long after the Heist was done, Rashid joined the military in Lebanon and has been MIA ever since, Elhera is presumed to have come out of "retirement" in affiliation with the Glabal MC, and Headwiz is around but doing her own business in black hat cyber espionage.
  • Garfield, on his way to work, happens upon a "Human with an appreciation for Drow culture" - Leigh. After a brief conversation, Garfield continues.
  • Work at NoxCorp involves pacifying a plant monster made sentient by a coworker, who causes a OHSA violation to happen within NoxCorp.
  • Said coworker (Jerry) is let go from the company in the most brutally honest way feasible.
  • Garfield (and others) are sent home early. Garfield decides to spend some time in Spook Cliff, with an ice cream cone and a cellphone with which to call Stephanie Young.
  • Garfield and Stephanie converse, with minor details foreshadowing an upcoming Senatorial Campaign and major details revealing parts of Garfield's overall personality and backstory.
  • Meanwhile, Leigh converses with Ned. Leigh's attempts to find a job within Towningdale have thus far proven enormously unsuccessful. The last one he attempted ended with him being attacked on an airplane on the way to the interview, resulting in him being late for it.
  • Ned gets Leigh an interview with Rosenberg Industries, as a favour. Jacqueline Rosenberg initially isn't impressed with Leigh's resume, but decides to give him a chance upon seeing potential within him (and also because his nephew, Jules Rosenberg, is insistent that Leigh be included due to his life having been "saved" by the Drow)
  • Chaos tries to re-integrate into life by attempting to find work. Due to his criminal record, many places turn him down. He tries his hand at a place called HappyMart, despite Lex's objections, but quickly finds it to his dissatisfaction. Things go sour from there.
  • At Spook Cliff, Garfield encounters Rosemary - a "bounty hunter" who slapfights with him. The conflict is shown through two versions: a high-octane and high magic version, and a much more "normal" version (with both being implied as legitimate viewpoints; though, the Mundane version has more science to it and is therefore intended to invoke Rule of Cool more pointedly than the Magic version).
  • Leigh and Jules go to a karaoke bar. Leigh sings "Thank You For Being A Friend," then tries his hand at pinball. Initially demoralized by quick failure, Jules gives him a motivational speech (and a sack of quarters) and encourages him to keep trying. While pinball is played, Leigh explains parts of himself (essentially giving us an idea of the trouble he went through to get to Towningdale in the first place).
  • Chaos / Garfield / Leigh all, at one point or another, stop by a cereal cafe owned by Tracy Bellucci. Depending on the context, a positive experience is had at Surreal Cereals.
  • Chaos ends his introduction by coming to terms with his new life having begun the way it has, good or bad.
  • Garfield ends his introduction by meeting up with Stephanie in-person, at a part of Downtowningdale. He goes over the events of the day, both lethal and nonlethal.
  • Leigh ends his perspective by returning to where he (temporarily) resides. He is saddened by the current state of affairs, but acknowledges positive occurrences throughout the day.

Plot Point 2: No Hall Like Town Hall {Presumably Takes Place Around Episodes 4-5}

  • Leigh begins leaving his apartment. Briefly, we see the strained relationship between him and his landlord.
  • On his way to work, he encounters a person with a boombox playing "Loser" by Beck.
  • Cut to Chaos. Bored, he goes over the mail addressed to his, Lex, and Garfield's place of residence.
  • Lex and Garfield question what kind of mail they're expected to get.
  • Chaos discovers a late utility bill. Upon being told of a Town Hall's existence, he marches out of the apartment to pay the utility bill.
  • Along the way, Chaos finds himself saddened to have only acquired $20. He gives it to a person who wields a boombox.
  • Leigh starts his first day of work. He encounters a fellow coworker, a half-orc by the name of Gronuruwd "Gordon" Gorehammer. They introduce themselves to each other, but quickly resume their duties.
  • Leigh gets a call, incidentally from Stephanie Young. She calls on behalf of Xavier D'Arque, to get an endorsement from Jacqueline Rosenberg for the D'Arque Senatorial Campaign in time for an upcoming rally.
  • Lex's workplace is shown - a mysterious mattress store. Garfield visits it, exploring it for a bit while ordering sub sandwiches for both him and Lex.
  • Chaos meets Noelle at Town Hall, and is promptly smitten with her. Despite their awkward interactions, a meeting with the Mayor is arranged.
  • Chaos meets the Mayor, and swiftly finds that the lights are not all on upstairs for the person presumably in charge of running Towningdale.
  • "All that's due is $20."
  • Chaos runs back in order to get the $20 from the boombox-holder, who is nowhere to be found.
  • Chaos tries to do a bank interaction in order to get more from Lex's account, but in his heightened state of emotions he unwittingly causes a thunderstorm within.
  • Security shows up. Before anything bad happens, however, Xavier D'Arque "helps" Chaos out of his situation by taking a selfie with him.
  • Xavier leaves, and the conflict dissolves.
  • Chaos rushes over to give a new $20 to Mayor, who accepts. However, the debt is accidentally erased from existence, along with a multitude of other files, as a result of the Mayor's absent-mindedness.
  • Chaos recaps the story to Garfield and Lex back home.
  • Leigh finishes off his work day. He finds out Gordon is also friends with Jules, and the three of them form "The Vagabonds." They then head on over to the same karaoke bar, and come across D'Arque's Senatorial Campaign rally.
  • The rally is also watched by Garfield, Chaos, and Lex.

Plot Point 3: Xavier D'Arque Is Supposed To Be Our Big Bad For Volume 1 {Presumably Takes Place Around Episode 5-6}

  • Leigh takes roughly two weeks, proving his worth to Jacqueline Rosenberg.
  • Xavier D'Arque meets Leigh, and charismatically suggests giving the new guy a high position. Jacqueline has her doubts, but behind the scenes Xavier invokes several debts she owes him. Jacqueline relents, upon remembering said debts.
  • Xavier is given a lot of exposition; he's been helping multiple factions out in San Cristobal for his own ends, most importantly the DuTempi Mafia and the San Cristobal Police Department. He gained Governor status in San Cristobal as a result of the play-by-plays of his actions.
  • Xavier shows Leigh how to help with an up-and-coming Fundraiser Ball. Stephanie also accompanies Xavier, essentially being the go-to secretary.
  • Xavier passive-aggressively irritates Stephanie, but she manages to survive long enough to make it to her lunch break.
  • She calls Garfield.
  • Garfield arrives, with a variety of different cuisines both from Katyusha's, a local grocery store which had tacos sold by time travelling mariachis (Gareality moment that's probably less time-travel-induced), and a pizzeria with a good scent.
  • Stephanie vents about Xavier.
  • Garfield attempts espionage in the LARPiest way possible, through finding a cardboard box and trying to get dirt on Xavier.
  • Garfield ends up recording Xavier's continued mistreatment of Stephanie.
  • He escapes (barely), and decides to use the findings as motive to find a way to destroy Xavier D'Arque.
  • Later on in the day, Stephanie asks Garfield to not attempt harm on D'Arque until "his usefulness [to her] is outlived." Garfield vocally hopes said usefulness is outlived "soon."
  • Volkov overhears the conversation, and checks up on Garfield's well-being. They then head to Spook Cliff on a two-hour sabbatical.

{This was later stopped because a better alternative existed.}