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Briar and Lex came up with an introductory fragment for the original Chaos Pilot. While most of it seemed to be throwaway gags that they enjoyed, they created a psionic of an unknown race named God Complex and a talking Australian gorilla named Bruce. Admittedly, my intent was just to expand upon a concept that Briar had a hand in that I vocally approved of.

Previous iterations of Wikihood had a general consistent problem of "not enough recursion in characters," which in Redux can be best described as "characters used for a couple scenes tops who then buggered off because they were forgotten about." To prevent this, I tried making a roadmap for as many characters as possible (with the exception of the posthumous Toby) so that as many of them could be re-useable as possible. This would, of course, have included these two characters who showed up in both Chaos and Leigh Pilots, within the same airplane under two different scenes. In the Chaos Pilot scene, God Complex helped Bruce solve a crossword puzzle, while they listened to Africa by Toto. In the Leigh Pilot scene, they cracked wise against Andrew Davies, alongside everyone else.

As they were mostly just "shitposts" in the same vein as the remainder of the Chaos Pilot airplane introduction, it was a bit difficult to make God Complex and Bruce recurring characters. I very much doubt they'll be recurring characters now, but here's what I had planned for them in Volume 1 alone:

  • God Complex and Bruce would be NoxCorp employees alongside Garfield. The main thing about NoxCorp is that all of its employees are as... "unique" as Garfield.
  • God Complex would have been a Forgeborn with Dromite, Half-Giant, and Elan characteristics, as a nod to the psionic races in Pathfinder RPG. Except around Bruce, God Complex would be stiff and gruff with people. Them being a psionic was their selling point of working at NoxCorp, as Wikihood's universe does not have many psionics in it that I know about. If I had to pick a class for God Complex, I would have given them the Cryptic class, in reference to the crossword puzzle solving being a pattern easy to solve, and Cryptics seeing the world as a network of patterns. In addition, the ability to meld into surroundings would make logical sense for a character who seems like they were Reaper from Overwatch (henceforth, I'm calling Overwatch "Overpriced") with a different toolkit.
    • God Complex would otherwise have been a mix of psionic traits and abilities meshed into a unique-ish character, both to distance from Overpriced and to attempt to give them a mainstay role in Wikihood.
  • Bruce would have been a talking Australian gorilla, who had a hard time getting into the United States in the first place. In Wikihood, it is presumed that the Walt Disney Company broke off from the state of Florida entirely, creating a new state. Bruce would have tried to live in the state of Disney, but something would have been distinctly off about it. He would then move to Towningdale, and find an easy job in NoxCorp - after all, a high-end science company finding a gorilla who can talk would otherwise not happen. Bruce is far more sociable than most of NoxCorp's brass, which is what would cause him to meet God Complex and, later, Garfield.
    • Bruce would have to differ from Winston from Overpriced. This is not difficult to pull off; Bruce shares common ground with Garfield - including a liking of magical weapons/items - and would probably have been part of a LARP group that Garfield unknowingly gathered in part thanks to Volkov and Lex. Being more outgoing, it is easier for Bruce to do things in general - I imagine Bruce as being the one doing some karaoke while God Complex sits nearby and listens.
  • After the Pilot Trio, I would have given God Complex and Bruce scenes that showcased them being in NoxCorp. It was important in regards to making "coworkers Garfield can talk to who aren't the fired Jerry, and aren't just one-offs who bugger off after the fourth Chapter of Volume 1." Most of it would have been small talk that indicated what Bruce and God Complex's personalities were.
  • God Complex and Bruce would have been at the Fundraiser. In 6 of Wands, this mostly is "silent cameo," but I could have shown Garfield talking to them about life in order to give them more lines of dialogue outright.
  • God Complex and Bruce would have upgraded Rosemary Touchdown's technology. In 6 of Wands, Garfield unintentionally chopped Rosemary's left arm off; God Complex and Bruce were responsible for helping Garfield make her a cyborg arm to replace the lost organic arm; they jokingly add a "vibration function" to it, as a Katawa Hearts-ism. Additionally, I had intended to give Rosemary a blue helmet (to match her blue hair) that was also made by God Complex and Bruce. In these upgrades for Rosemary, it is implied she talks to them as well.
  • God Complex and Bruce would have participated in their own confrontations of both the DuTempi mafia and the zombies of Old Towningdale, which would have showcased their abilities. Bruce would have handily been a Badass Normal, or as Badass Normal as one could get in Wikihood really. God Complex would have absolutely no trouble with them whatsoever, unless we house-ruled that undead were somehow immune to psionic powers.

Even in Volume 2, I had plans for God Complex & Bruce that mostly boiled down to:

  • God Complex & Bruce (as well as other characters) comforting a melancholic Garfield after he failed to stop Cicero from kidnapping Chaos.
  • God Complex & Bruce helping out against the Glabal MC, by way of seeing that Lex and Leigh got hurt by Davv'roth and helping them out.
  • God Complex & Bruce holding down the fort in NoxCorp while Garfield was away.
  • God Complex & Bruce doing random things to showcase Towningdale's evolution without the guiding hand of the Wikihood Krewe. They would probably also get assistance from anyone else who was a mainstay of the Krewe and stayed behind.

It is unknown if they would get that much screentime in either Volume 1 or 2, for my plans to have been executed.