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{Cut to San Crystal-balls. A man with light-brown hair steps onto a bus, hurriedly. The camera pans to the faces of other people on the bus, who look at him. They all look horrified, and then the camera shows us why: the person who stepped onto the bus looks like he got out of a fiery wreck. His facial expression looks as though he needs to find solace somewhere, anywhere. Only one person appears to not be scared by the bus entrant's presence.}

???????: Over here!

{The bus entrant sits next to the person who gestures all the way to the back. Zoom out to reveal the size of the bus he just entered; it is a two-story compartment of sizable length and height, even by the traditional standards of buses - many of which are also seen in the background, and look normal by comparison. Then, cut back to the bus entrant, as he sits down next to the person who invited him all the way to the back.}

GARLAND: Name's Garland. Are... you...?

ENTRANT: {pants} I'm fine.

GARLAND: You like you came out of the set of a Die Hard movie.

{The entrant looks visibly annoyed by the comment.}

ENTRANT: {pants} Not funny, mate.

GARLAND: No, I wasn't... trying to tell a joke.

ENTRANT: Look, it's a long story. Not worth getting into, really, but... I can assure you this is all legit.

{Garland takes a while to process the sincerity of the bus entrant's statements.}

GARLAND: So you legit saved the world, eh?

{The entrant puts a palm over his forehead, as if wiping sweat off it.}

ENTRANT: Look, Garfield-

GARLAND: Garland. The name's Garland.

ENTRANT: Dude, no offense, but... this is not how you get to know somebody.

GARLAND: You're correct. Not everything plays like a shite indie comic.


GARLAND: I was agreeing with you. Kind of.

ENTRANT: You're confusing.

GARLAND: And you are...?

{Short pause. The entrant smiles awkwardly.}

LEX: Just call me Lex.

GARLAND: I know a few people named Lex. 'Tis gonna be hard to tell you apart from them... wait, are you a Homunculus, by any chance?

{Lex's eyes widen.}

LEX: No! Why... would... you...?

{Garland closes his eyes and sighs.}

GARLAND: That's a relief. My boss at NoxCorp was telling me this story about how seven Homunculi came to be, and all of them happened to be named "Lex." I wondered if you were one of them, because we only recovered one of them...

LEX: Wait, you lost the Lex Homunculi? How?

GARLAND: My boss spared me a lot of details, but she said it had something to do with an explosion related to an alchemical project and the Homunculi having been scattered across the world.

{Cut to a still image of a NoxCorp building exploding, with several people looking similar to Lex coming out of it.}

LEX: So... you know they all named themselves Lex? How?

GARLAND: The one we recovered named himself Lex Bradley. He said they all referred to themselves as "Lex," though he would clam up about any other details related to the remaining Homunculi.

LEX: {internally} ...and I just got back from a casino robbery which went explosively pear-shaped...

{Lex clears his throat.}

LEX: Sorry to have confused you, mate. I ran into a snag while on an outing with some lads an' lasses.

GARLAND: You did?

LEX: Yeah. We were having a jolly ol' romp, when the mob bushwhacked one of our guys. You remind me of him, a bit.

GARLAND: So you say.

{Lex reads Garland's facial expressions.}

LEX: Just so you know, it says "Alistair Shaw" on my library card.

{Lex takes out a library card. True to form, it has Lex's face on it but the name "Alistair Shaw" on it.}

GARLAND: I see. I guess I could call you Al instead, or maybe Stair, or even...

{Garland blinks. Short pause. His facial expression becomes more crestfallen.}

GARLAND: Sorry, Al. It all sounded better in my head...

{Lex pats Garland on the shoulder.}

LEX: No worries. My pals always referred to me as Lex.

GARLAND: I see. I'm sorry about the confusion earlier.

LEX: Again, I... completely understand, given the circumstances. The Lucky Land Casino was a riot.

{Garland appears to be interested.}

GARLAND: {in a sing-song voice} Tell me more, tell me more...

{Lex lifts a hand, almost as if in protest.}

LEX: I will, I will.

{Cut to the ruins of the Lucky Land Casino. End skit.}