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Everything You Know Is Wrong/Episodes/4

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Because Noxigar has his own catchphrase Homestar gets jealous and attempts to get his own catchphrase, Mike Control and Sum 14 do a prank call, and Homestar44withpie cannot stop placing 1.6 rulebreaker templates.


{Cut to Homestar and Marzipan in Homestar's room, reading the wiki. Homestar looks and finds Noxigar in a fanstuff saying, "CHAOS EMERALDS! NWORB ENAJ YESLEK!" He gets an envious look on his face}

HOMESTAR: Wait, okay nevewmind. I can tell that isn't a subliminal message.

MARZIPAN: Homestar, let's try reading it. {pronounces "Nworb Enaj Yeslek" rather oddly} Hmm... how's about finding this in French? Maybe there's some corresponding numbers?

HOMESTAR: Eh... it does seem wathew odd.

MARZIPAN: Wanna read it again?

{Homestar gets interrupted by Homestar44withpie, who places a 1.6 rulebreaker template on Marzipan's face. Homestar44withpie runs off.}

HOMESTAR: Uh, Mawzipan?

{Cut to Mike Control and Sum 14 in the wiki's main computer room. All the sysops are bound and gagged. Mike dials a number.}

MIKECONTROL: Oh man this is gonna be awesome!

SUM 14: You said it, dude.

{Mike Control dials a number. Cut to Darkness Lord, who picks up the phone from the other side.}


MIKECONTROL: Hey, um, this is Strong Bad. I'm gonna subscribe you to so many fashion magazines you'll love it.

DARKNESSLORD: Uh, Strong Bad? What are you talking about?

{Mike Control hangs up. Cut to him and Sum 14 laughing hysterically. Homestar44withpie runs so stylishly that he places a 1.6 rulebreaker template on the phone. He runs off.}

SUM 14: Oh dang. No more prank calls, huh?

{Cut to Noxigar, who had turned HST into a chair. Noxigar is sitting on his new chair drinking a cup of tea, reading the latest wiki news.}

HST: {muffled} You turned me into a chair you son of a-

{Noxigar pours tea all over the new chair}

NOXIGAR: When will you shut yer gob?

HST: {muffled} When you shut yours!

{Cut to Chwoka, Darlon, and Vanhock all with tape recorders recording laughtracks.}

NOXIGAR: Was that really funny?

VANHOCK: Oh, yeah. It was.

{Noxigar uses his left sleeve to throw a "Bed Axe" at Vanhock. Vanhock is chopped in half. Darlon charges at him with a huge tree. Noxigar uses the HST chair to trip Darlon over, causing him to fall into a microwave oven with Noxigar closing it behind Darlon. Noxigar turns on the oven to 2007 degrees Fahrenheit and Darlon explodes. Cut to Chwoka with an intimidating look on his face.}

CHWOKA: {sounding almost like Napolean Dynamite} What is it with you and killing my characters off in such quick notion? Worst deus ex machina ever, dude!

NOXIGAR: How is that a deus ex machina?

{Homestar44withpie runs and places a 1.6 rulebreaker template on Chwoka's stomach and lungs. Chwoka immediately finds that the sysops deleted his lungs. Chwoka then falls over and dies. Chwoka's ghost appears.}

NOXIGAR: Was that even necessary?

CHWOKA'S GHOST: No. Homestar44withpie better be banned.

{Cut to Homestar44withpie back in his Userpage House. He finds Joey Day in it.}

JOEYDAY: Uh, hey, I seem to noticed you put rulebreakers on stuff that actually was related to Homestar. Except for Chwoka's lungs.

{JoeyDay holds a bag saying, "Chwoka's Lungs"}

JOEYDAY: And you've been doing this as an IP address, and I cannot allow my wiki to be distorted into chaos. So, I'm gonna have to auf ya.

{Joey Day gets out a Banhammer and approaches Homestar44withpie. He swings his hammer and Homestar44withpie fades away from existance. Cut to Chwoka having watched it all on his computer.}

CHWOKA: {normal voice} I do not sound anything like Napolean Dynamite! And there's too many deus ex machinas! This misses the mark!

{Homestar pops up from behind the computer kicks Chwoka in the face nine times. Fade to black afterwards. Cut to that same bag as before, except it says "The End". End 'sode}

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Remember what the Tandy told you. Noxigar 16:57, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Ummm... I wasen't that vandal. I don't know who it was. But if it's just a parody, it's K' H44WP 21:44, 9 October 2007 (UTC)
This is a parody, you know. Noxigar 19:57, 10 October 2007 (UTC)

I hate Napoleon Dynamite. But meh. Pretty cool, anyway. And no, defeating my characters was not a dues ex machina. Simply one-sided.-— ChwokaTalk 03:03, 12 October 2007 (UTC)

I was making fun of the fact that in most cases that you talk to me you use the phrase "deus ex machina" within the paragraph or in a sentence. Noxigar 16:31, 12 October 2007 (UTC)